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Long distance moving and storage is very stressful for most people. It means packing up your home, loading it into the truck or trailer, driving for several hours, and then taking it somewhere new. It can also mean taking the time off of work to do it all. There are ways that help to make the long distance moving and storage process easier, however. There are many services available, and here are some suggestions that may be helpful. They are:

Short term storage If you simply plan to relocate for a short amount of time, there are many places that offer short term storage. Some moving companies offer this as part of their moving service. These storage services are very similar to portable storage, as they store your belongings in large trucks or trailers that arrive at your home or business with their own set of moving supplies. This is a great way to get the kind of space that you are looking for while saving money. Temporary storage services include flexible overnight storage options at the warehouse, so you can reschedule when you need some more time or days. You should check to see how long the storage facility has been running since you will often times find out when you arrive if the storage has closed up.

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Additional Fees for moving services Depending on what kind of relocation services you use, movers need truck rental services, van or car rental services, and assembly or unpacking services. Some additional fees might be required depending on how extensive the move is or how large the move is. For example, if it involves relocating several cars or several homes, you might be expected to pay for the cost of two cars or three vans, or an assembly or unpacking vehicle, etc. Depending on the distance or size of the move, there may be additional fees to cover the mileage, etc. Check with your moving company for their moving costs or estimates.

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Home Inventory At the start of your move, you should have an accurate and complete list of all of your belongings. Your moving company should already have a list of your belongings as well as a list of the trucks and trailers that will be used to transport your belongings. You can expect to pay for the transportation of all items yourself or you might be able to get a discount. However, it will help you make sure that your belongings are completely organized and ready for loading into your new home. Make sure that your movers have a complete inventory and make copies so that you can keep track of what you have moved, what condition it is in, and if it needs to be further evaluated.

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Pods and Containers You may also be able to use temporary containers or pods for your move. Temporary pods are available in many sizes, depending on how much material you need to store. These are great because they come fully loaded so they are quick and easy to set up. They are much less expensive than using traditional containers that need to be assembled yourself. However, some companies do charge more for their pods for various reasons including higher dollar value, larger size, and faster installation.

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The size of your pod is up to you but most people choose a cube or square container to store their possessions in during the move. The larger the container the better because you can stack them up as much as you like. Some pod companies offer special pods made especially for larger items like furniture, appliances, and even cars and boats. The larger the pod the cheaper the cost will be to store it. A pod is a portable container, which means that it can be moved around without taking up valuable space in your new home or office.

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Pick-up trucks for moving and storage are available in many different shapes and sizes and it is best to shop around before choosing one. There are small vans that are suitable for short trips and transporting boxes. Then there are full-size pick-up trucks that have living quarters inside. The type you choose depends on how much material you will be storing, how long you will need to store it, and how far you want to take it. You can also purchase storage containers that have specific uses such as mobile shelving or temporary barrels or bins.

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Many companies will also offer moving and storage services to help you move. However, moving and storage companies can be expensive and time consuming. If you are moving long distances, it may be better to hire a moving company to do it for you. Make sure that you do your research so that you get a quote that you can easily afford. Moving and storage containers are an easy way to keep your home or office contents safe and organized when you next move.