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Moving a hot tub is often a complicated task. Moving a Jacuzzi can be dangerous and messy if you do not follow the correct protocol. Hot tub moving companies should be licensed and have experience in moving hot tubs safely and efficiently. If you are considering this option, it is wise to call on a professional for consultation so that you can be assured of a safe and successful move.

There are many precautions that should be taken when moving a spa. Hot tub moving supplies must be ready and available, as well as all other equipment and supplies that are required to move your spa. Moving a hot tub takes many strong dedicated individuals to lift and position the spa, and various hot tub moving tools and dollies to securely transport the spa to the new location. In addition, the moving vehicle must be large enough to safely handle the weight of your Jacuzzi, and should also possess the right tie downs to secure it while transporting it.

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Many local moving companies will offer special moving service packages designed specifically for jacuzzis. These moving packages can save you time and money, as they allow you to make one on-site move instead of several separate, on-site moves. Many of these moving service companies offer special rates to businesses or individuals who rent swimming pools and spas. This is because off-site moves require more manpower, more expense, and longer hours to complete. The advantage of hiring a local moving company is that they are experienced in these types of moves, and can ensure that everything goes smoothly. They are also familiar with any local restrictions or rules that may affect the move and can take these into account.

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If your hot tub is not portable and cannot be moved on-site, then a local moving company might be able to move it by utilizing a dolly. A dolly is a large moving vehicle with tracks that allows the moving company to pick it up and move it in the direction that you would like. Moving dollies are large vehicles that are typically set on wheels and have a bed to place the hot tub on, as well as a backside for storage during the move. It is important that you research local movers to get an accurate price quote, and also confirm that they have insurance in case anything happens to your spa during the move. You can usually view the moving pictures online so that you can compare prices between different movers.

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If your spa is too large for a dolly, most moving companies will also offer a large pick-up truck to transport it. Most moving companies have several trucks available for pick-up, and depending on your location, a one-hour charge is generally included with each hour of pick-up. In order to save money, it is highly recommended that you call your preferred moving company ahead of time and ask if a one-hour charge is included with the cost of your moving truck or whether it is an additional charge.

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You can also save money by making a packing list for your spa belongings. Many movers specialize in moving residential and commercial properties, so they can often make your packing and loading very simple. They often work with the homeowner to ensure that there are no dangerous items in the home that must be removed prior to moving the home to its final destination. Most homeowners that choose a local moving company have many items such as electronics, jewelry, antiques, etc. that need to be removed prior to moving the home, so it pays to prepare a packing list.

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You may find that your chosen Utah moving company has a special garage that is used to transport high-end belongings. The garage is open to the public, and you should be able to view some of the items that are being moved inside through the door. If you are considering having high-end items moved professionally, then it pays to call ahead and find out whether or not the garage is available. Some movers charge a fee for the use of this garage, so it pays to inquire ahead.

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If it is safe for you to do so, it is often a good idea to hire movers who are insured. This will provide you with piece of mind during transit, so it may be worth the small additional fee that it takes to insure a moving company. This is especially true if you are placing valuable items in the moving truck. Although you may want to hire a local moving company, if you have to be in an area that is considered a no-go zone for moving companies, it makes sense to pay a bit more and to know that you will be covered in the event of any accidents while on the move.