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Many people love the sound of an acoustic piano. They often take these lovely instruments from home, hire a piano player to show them how to play and give the instrument to someone they care about. Others choose to move a piano from place to place when they travel. Long distance piano moving takes a little work and preparation. The following tips will help you plan and do it safely.

If you are not moving your entire piano, you can save money by hiring professional piano movers. They know how to move a piano safely and have the equipment to do so. The average piano moving price is around $80 per hour, depending on a 2021 sq. ft. space. If there are additional three people involved in the move it can cost as much as $200 per hour, for an average of four hours. However, if you have an older, heavier piano you may want to consider using a professional service.

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If you have an upright piano or an upright grand piano, you have some special considerations to make before moving it. One of the main considerations is how the legs should fit under the upright piano bench. You can choose between lifting the legs higher or lower to accommodate the leg rest. You can also choose to have the legs detach completely and the bench lift up off the floor. Make sure that the leg rests aren’t too high or too low – you don’t want to be tempted to lower the grand piano too soon after putting it on the floor.

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Most upright pianos are between eight and ten inches tall, but this varies. Find out the manufacturer specifications for the kind of grand piano you have – they will be listed on the product box. Larger pianos may be up to fifteen inches tall, but these are more likely to come with a wooden or steel frame. Grand pianos are generally heavier than upright pianos, which can put additional pressure on the legs and back. Make sure that you are not dealing with a small keyboard – larger pianos are usually harder to lift, plus they take up more space.

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Other aspects to consider when you are moving your piano include how long the instrument will be standing when you are done. Different types of piano will have different amounts of time that they will stand on the floor before needing to be moved. Your piano might stand for a long time while being moved, or it might only need to be moved in short bursts of time – for example during performances. The shorter the period of time that your piano will stand on the floor, the more expensive the moving services will be. The longer the time that your instrument is on the floor, the less expensive the moving services will be.

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Moving a piano yourself will require a lot of planning, and there is a good chance that you won’t know exactly what type of transportation to use – if you have ever tried to move a piano by yourself, you know that it is very time consuming. Using professional movers will eliminate the need to spend a lot of time figuring out how to move the piano (if you even know how to move a piano at all). When you hire professional movers to move your piano, you will typically pay them an average cost for their services. This average cost will be broken down into several different charges based on how long it takes the movers to move your piano, and whether the piano is being moved using a flatbed truck, or in a different vehicle such as a stair lift.

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Other aspects to consider when you are considering moving your piano include the additional fees that are charged for using stair lifts in a new home over a previous home. If your previous home did not have wide, narrow doors, then you will likely need to purchase piano chairs to go with the extra weight that comes with a new home. These additional fees can add up quickly and can be very expensive. These additional fees are also likely to be required when you move the piano to a different location, since many new homes are already narrow and do not have enough width to accommodate large, heavy pianos. When you are considering moving your piano, make sure you ask about the additional fees that might be required, so that you are not Charleston when they show up unexpectedly.

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The last consideration when moving an upright piano involves safety. It is important to ensure that you do not injure yourself when moving this type of piano, because even though the weight is on the bottom, the bow is still connected to the piano strings. Make sure that you are using proper equipment, like a dolly to support yourself while moving the piano up and down the stairs. You should also make sure that you remove any accessories, such as the padded pedals, before carrying the piano inside of your home. Always remember that your safety is the most important aspect of moving a piano, and you should not take any chances.