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Local moving companies have grown in popularity because they save money. In most cases, local movers offer free estimates for new customers. This means they know how much it will cost to move your home or office and can give you an estimate before even meeting with them. It is advisable to go with a local moving company to minimize stress and get the job done quickly. Here are six great reasons to consider moving your belongings yourself:

No matter where you live, there is no such thing as moving day. Local movers charge a flat hourly rate, which typically includes the mover’s truck, equipment, miscellaneous items, and even some extras. The more moving tools or helpers needed for the move, the more expensive the estimate will be. A quality moving company should offer a detailed written estimate, which details every move-related cost.

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Most people never have to move their entire home or business when relocating. Businesses usually move their offices or other corporate buildings across the country or around the world. Residential moves are typically simpler because most residential moves involve just local residents moving in with family members or friends. All you have to concern yourself with is packing and unpacking. For larger interstate moves, though, you may need to hire an experienced interstate moving company with experience relocating residential customers.

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Most movers specialize in either local or interstate moving. Ask if they have special needs, such as furniture shipping. Local movers can help with the basics such as loading and unloading the truck. They may also provide services such as providing packing supplies, unpacking supplies, and providing ramping services. If you have any special needs, though, do call the moving company ahead of time to discuss them.

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Make sure that you ask the movers about their estimate in writing. They shouldn’t give you a general ballpark figure, but rather give you an accurate, fair representation of the costs associated with moving everything in your household. Don’t forget to check out the fine print; some moving services offer a low estimate in hopes of making a sale. They may add packing and lifting charges at the last minute, so make sure that you’re not getting pushed into paying for more than you need to.

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Know what your local moving companies charges for various services, such as packing and lifting. Some include these services in their base price, but charge extra for extra services. For example, some charge an hourly fee for the moving van to and from your residence, even if it’s only for a few hours. Hiring a local moving company for these last-minute pickups could end up costing you more if you don’t know what your moving company’s charge is for these last-minute pickups.

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Do your research, too. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints filed against the local moving company. If you already have a household moving checklist, take it with you when you shop. You can use the checklist to compare various movers and compare the prices offered by them. If you have a trusted friend or family member who has done business with the company in the past, ask them about the quality of service they received.

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The long distance move can be an extremely stressful situation, so don’t attempt to do it alone. Local movers provide the added layer of security and know-how that makes a long distance move easier. They know how long a truck can stay on the road and what obstacles it might encounter along the way. A local mover’s insurance policy gives you peace of mind.