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Local movers can be used for almost any local move within 50 miles or longer. Long distance movers, however, are only used for over 50 miles. Naturally, if you’re planning a cross country move, you’ll have to use a long distance moving company, as well. Here are a few common local movers’ reasons to offer moving tips:

Hiring local movers is often the cheapest way to move. You may also want to think about it if you’re unsure of how much the entire move will cost you. The average cost of an interstate move is roughly twice what the average cost of a local moving company is. It’s important to keep this in mind when deciding between moving companies.

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Long distance moves often take more time than local moves. This is especially true if there are multiple different locations to move to. A local moving company can help with this because they’ll know the shortest route between two points. However, long distance moves can be complicated. To make the relocation process easier, hire local movers.

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Local movers offer specialized services that save money. Do you need boxes, crates, duffle bags, or climate protectors? Local movers can help. Also, when moving locally, you can save money by not having to pay for home furnishing items like furniture and other high-end products. These specialty items are expensive, so moving locally will save money on these products.

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One thing to keep in mind when packing is how many household items are in each box or crate. When hiring local moving companies, ask if packing services will be provided or if they will handle the packing for you. Most reputable moving companies do both. If you want to have someone else do the packing, ask them about whether they charge extra for this service.

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Local movers do not have to be concerned about things like special diets, handicapped accessibility, and other details that might make the move more difficult. You won’t have to worry about special diets because your local movers will be trained and experienced to prepare any household items that may be needs. In addition, most local movers will prepare the vehicles used to transport your belongings to the new location. This includes a van or truck to move your car or home, as well as the loading of your items inside the van. Many local movers have special equipment to help load up the household items, which saves time as well.

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Because they know the area where you live, the average local mover should not recommend a specific moving company for your local moves. Instead, look at several local companies in the area and select the one that seems to have the best recommendations. However, you should not hire the first company that you interview. Instead, find out what each of the local movers has to offer and contact at least two of them. After contacting the companies, ask them for their recommendations for hiring a moving company for your local moves.

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Although it may take a little extra time and energy, hiring a local mover is less expensive than relocating yourself. In some cases, hiring movers will actually save you money. Since the move typically involves more than just the physical removal of your household items, it’s important to get a good price on the entire move. If you don’t use your local movers to do the entire move, you’ll wind up spending money on renting a moving van or truck, paying for hauling your belongings, getting tips for packing fragile items, and more. Hiring local movers will help you cut these costs down. Plus, make sure that the moving company has a license and insurance, so that you’re covered if anything happens during your relocation.