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Furniture moving is a difficult task to do on your own, but with a reliable company, it can be much easier. From disassembling large beds and other bulky things to padding and strapping them together, to actually transporting and unloading them, they sure make sure that your couch, loveseat, coffee table, and all other furnishings make it safely to their new destination without damage. Just type “Furniture Moving” into any search engine and you will get a long list of companies that are experts in moving your furniture from one location to another. To locate the best moving services near you and ask for a free moving estimate, click on the links below.

The most important piece of information you should have before hiring a furniture moving company is where your items will be delivered. Most movers specialize in one or two areas, so be sure you choose one that has experience in delivering your household goods to your new home. Ask the moving company, how many rooms will be moved and how fast pieces will be moved. Make sure they use proper packing methods, such as foam peanuts and tape to keep your items safe during the move. Check for free quotes online so you can compare the price of moving your furniture yourself and getting the help from a professional mover.

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If the move is extremely complex, you may want to enlist the help of a professional local moving company. Many local movers have the skills and resources available to help you move furniture safely. Ask friends and family members who live near the local movers for recommendations. They may be able to give you a great referral to a trustworthy local in-home furniture mover.

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Furniture padding is essential to any move of valuable furniture. Furniture padding is a specialized type of covering that helps to protect furniture from dents, cracks, gouges and other damage. Moving blankets are an important accessory for movers as they protect furniture from movement during transport. Moving blankets are made of thick fabric and used with pillows and padding. Moving blankets also provide warmth which can be a big benefit during the cold winter months.

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Furniture removal and moving require careful handling to prevent any damage to floors. Using a power tool that has an extending pole attached to it prevents the heavier sliding process on floors. It’s also important to have a jack and heavy duty safety boots during the move to avoid breaking down the legs of delicate furniture.

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There are many things to consider when hiring a mover. Ask about the safety procedures that the moving company uses. Find out what procedures the mover uses to ensure that all of your property is transported safely and securely. Any reputable furniture mover will only use custom containers designed specifically for moving and carry a health and safety guide that details the procedure they use. If the moving company you’re considering doesn’t have this guide or is using containers that aren’t designed for moving, then ask them if they’ll provide you with a copy for your own safety.

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Furniture moving can be very time consuming and may even