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How to move furniture without a professional furniture delivery company? The internet and local phone directories can help you find moving services or furniture movers near you. This way you can take care of moving the furniture yourself and save money and time. You will also know the quality of the furniture before it leaves your house and whether the new furniture installation will be durable. Ask friends, coworkers, and neighbors for referrals for a moving service that they use. Friends and family may know someone who can perform the job well.

Full-service furniture delivery typically means a moving truck is sent to your home, the furniture is unpacked/unloaded/assembled in your new location and then placed where you wish it. This is usually the highest-quality experience when it came to furniture delivery choices. The transportation and assembly of the items are done by trained movers that are experienced with the job. It is a great option if you need the assembly to occur on short notice or an off-site storage facility is needed for the time being. You can also save money by hiring movers to pack the items into a shipping container that can be shipped directly to your new location.

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If you are interested in full-service furniture delivery, there are some things to consider. Make sure the company you choose is licensed with the Better Business Bureau. They should have no problem supplying you with any customer testimonials, so you can gauge the level of customer service these companies provide. Ask the movers about their estimates, because they must provide this to you. You need to be able to compare the estimates of different companies so you can select one that provides the best estimate of how long it will take to have the furniture delivered.

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Furniture-focused companies such as Homegrow or Bestway are offering quicker shipping dates for the summer. Some companies have planned furniture shipments to arrive in July and up to the first week of August. Furniture-focused companies like Homegrow and Bestway make it easy to order your furniture. You simply log on to their website, choose the style you want, the size, and the color, and you’ll be presented with a variety of styles and sizes from which to choose. Furniture arrives on the same day if you order in July or August.

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If you prefer to shop from your home or office, you can easily use furniture-focused services. Many full service furniture stores offer online and in-store shopping. You can complete all of your furniture-related needs online, and many stores offer free shipping, so you save money. If you decide to shop for your new furniture on the web, read customer reviews to find out what kinds of customers enjoy the full service, how speedy their shipping times are, and whether there are any problems with their website.

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When moving into your new home, you need to be sure that you do not replace everything in your old home. Instead, use furniture pieces from your new home to update your old ones. This way, you save money. Your furniture company will help you with the coordinating, from choosing upholstery fabric to coordinating the colors of your new furniture to coordinating the cushions.

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