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People often get confused about the process of how to move a couch. A couch is large and difficult to move. It is also heavy and takes up more space than you might expect. So, moving it is not a do-it-yourself job that can be done by one person. There are various people who can do this job but people would want to find licensed movers for couch moving.

The very first step to take is finding the right moving company. Before hiring movers, you need to find out the maximum weight that the sofa can be handled. You should also find out the length of time the furniture piece will be kept in your house. The movers you hire should advise you how long the furniture piece will stay in your house and at what location.

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Once you know the weight, length and location of the sofa, you can contact the movers and schedule for the pickup. Usually, a licensed moving company will give you a free quote on how to move a couch. The company will charge you based on the services that they provide. Rates vary depending on whether the couch is large or small and what the arrangement is for the transportation.

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When a couch is big, a single person can move it alone; but when the couch is heavy, two people are better as each can hold and lift the heavy couches together. So, if you have a couch that is heavy, you can arrange for two people to help move it. One holds the front side while another helps out the back. A dolly can be rented for this purpose. The dolly provides a platform for the movers to help move the couch. It is easier for the moving to go with the straps even though it is more expensive.

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The couch moving service uses special tools and equipment to move a couch. For example, heavy-duty dollies are used so that the couch doesn’t swing and rock when it is being moved. They are sturdy so that nothing can break. A heavy-duty dolly is usually attached to the truck or to the moving van. The truck or van must be large enough to accommodate the furniture being moved.

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Some people prefer to use specialized furniture moving equipments like couch ramps or couch boards. They help move a couch securely without the use of straps. But, there is always a risk of injuring yourself if you are using non-professional equipment. So, it is important to hire professional equipment.

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In addition, hiring professional movers can save you money because the charges for transporting a couch are much lower than other types of moving methods. For instance, you can pay for two people to haul a couch through an ordinary stairway. However, the cost can double if you use straps. Many people prefer to have the couch delivered to their homes so that they can move it on their own. This allows them to choose a reliable professional to perform the couch moving. You should also check if the movers offer insurance to protect your belongings.

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When hiring a professional to perform couch moving, you will also benefit from special techniques and strategies that they can provide. These include lifting the couch through a doorway with a high threshold. The top bunk can even be lifted and set on top of the floor. It helps to have strong movers with strong backs. Before hiring the company, make sure you understand the costs involved. Check how long it takes to get the sofa to the new location and whether the charges apply to pick up and drop off.