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For most people, the term “piano moving” may immediately evoke images of strong men with huge torsos and huge arms, but in actuality only two people of average build are capable of performing piano moving duties-even grands if they’ve got some brains, enough experience, the proper tools, and a general knowledge of when and where to apply some strong force. But that’s not the whole picture. In fact, even skilled piano movers can make common mistakes that can leave you with damaged piano gear. Here’s how to avoid those common mistakes.

The first mistake many piano moving companies make is to try to move an upright or baby grand without any gear to support it. This is a seriously dangerous move, which can seriously damage your instrument, so ask movers to bring at least one extra pair of eyes. And use heavy duty straps or lumber straps to hold your instrument steady while the movers move it. You’ll also want to wear earplugs to protect your hearing from loud noise.

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Another mistake is thinking they’re moving an upright that weighs too much for the truck. The weight of a piano is usually determined by the scale of the instrument, so if you’re moving a grand or a twelve-string instrument, check the weight rating on the instrument before asking the local moving industry experts to move your precious toy. It might be light enough for the truck to lift, but if it’s any lighter than the instrument it will shift and rock with every movement. And the best moving professionals will already have a friend or two on the job to help move heavy pianos safely.

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The other common mistake is thinking the job can be done by just anyone. Move yourself. There is no such thing as a piano mover who has never moved a piano before, and even experienced movers are only licensed to do small jobs. The best piano moving company will employ a crew of trained specialists who will carefully plan every move to ensure your possessions are as safe as possible.

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Professionally moved pianos are often still in pretty good condition, but you want to be absolutely certain it’s not only a few pounds lighter but that nothing will move around inside. Professional movers will take the time to go over every detail and make sure everything is done right. They will also be familiar with all local laws so nothing is missed when it comes time to unload.

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While you want to save money by moving your piano yourself, this may cause you to neglect safety. Professionals will already be insured and will know exactly how to handle any emergencies. Ask your piano movers about insurance too, whether it is for the day of the move or for a long term replacement service. You want to know that if anything does happen to your piano long term that it can be replaced without any major headaches. Also, you want to know that if something does happen to your piano long term, the professional piano movers will be there to replace it with ease.

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Perhaps, the most difficult piano moving task will be hauling your upright piano upstairs. This is especially tough when you have a baby grand piano with you. The baby grand piano needs extra support, and it can put an enormous strain on even the most experienced piano mover. It’s best to have the piano professionally hauled using a truck equipped with stabilisers to counterbalance the weight of the piano top.

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If the move is quite long, it might be a good idea to call in professionals. They will know what kind of doorways need to be used and will have experienced moving parts with them. You’ll want to make sure the doorways are stable as the move is being made, and they should be able to lift the piano up without damaging it. Make sure the doors aren’t bolted to the piano board, and check the hinges to ensure they are level. Professional piano movers will also know how to open and close the doors safely.