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Moving a refrigerator is not as simple as just rolling it out of the box. There are many little steps you must take, from loading the moving truck with the fridge, to driving the truck, unloading and assembly. Here we have listed some tips for refrigerator movers to consider before starting the process. Following these simple steps will make your refrigerator moving a breeze.

First off, all movers are going to suggest that you do not, under any circumstances, place your refrigerator in an upright position. This means placing the appliances on top of the moving board. Refrigerators, in most cases, are quite heavy, especially those without doors. When they are put in the upright position, they can be hard to maneuver, plus they will freeze at night or during the winter months. Avoiding them during this time of the year can save you lots of time and money.

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Refrigerator moving experts suggest placing the appliances in their original boxes upside down. This does not mean packing them down completely. Just putting the door to the freezer down and possibly the other two doors open will allow ample room to defrost them. Once you have thawed them out, check them to see if they need refilling or if the frost has already started to melt. If so, then it’s time to get them into the upright position. However, if not, then follow the next step in this article on how to move a refrigerator.

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Moving Appliance Dolly The first step in how to move a refrigerator is by having two helpers, a male and female helper, prep the unit by removing the doors. The female helper will place the dolly between the upright and the freezer and hold one end of the dolly in her hands. The male helper will remove the doors from both sides.

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Carefully Unpack The Appliances It’s extremely important to pack fragile items properly during this type of moving. One way to help protect your items is to use padded boxes and wrapping them individually. If using a dolly, make sure it’s large enough to accommodate all of the moving heavy items. Place them side-by-side so that one mans’ equipment isn’t competing with that of the other. Don’t forget the most important items, such as food, water, food processors and table linens.

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The Refrigerator Is Ready To Go The last step in moving heavy appliances is to lift the entire unit onto a flat, level surface, which is usually referred to as a dolly. It’s important that the appliance is level and that both the upper and lower halves are securely fastened to the floor. This prevents shaking from occurring which could cause damage to both the upper and lower units. It also makes it easier to remove the doors from both ends and access the compressor and the wiring loom.

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Lower The Appliance While you’re on the dolly, place the upper half of the refrigerator on the ground. Your dolly will keep the upper half stationary while you move the lower half into place. You’ll then need to unscrew the bolts securing the appliance to the floor and remove it. Lower the lid and set the l-shaped lever down. Now you can remove the drywall anchors that are located at the bottom rear of the appliance. Attach the wiring loom and plug in the power cord.

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Replace The Appliance Once you’ve successfully moved your appliances and completed the necessary work, you can replace them according to the directions given by the manufacturer. You may also want to order a new door hanger or other signage to help announce your move. Your refrigerator is an important piece of your new home. It will not only be in use when you prepare food, but will also collect frozen food and keep it safely stored until you’re ready to use it again. You should take the time to properly move it to ensure that it is safe and secure once you are inside your new home.