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Furniture delivery is a very important step in the furniture purchasing process. Without proper planning, it can result in many problems. Failure to properly plan for furniture delivery can result in missed delivery dates, aggravation, and anxiety. To help you better understand the various delivery options available to you, Furniture Fair has compiled a list of just the kinds of furniture delivery services you have available to you… Read on to learn more.

Furniture July is a national furniture moving service that offers nationwide overnight delivery on selected furniture pieces. Furniture July was founded by Tim Bishno, a five-time professional mover and owner of Movin’ Furniture July’s goal is to offer customers “just the things they need” to help them move to a new home in July. The company offers free shipping on selected furniture pieces as well as a nationwide network of authorized dealers. Furniture July’s website is filled with helpful articles and helpful videos about household transportation.

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Blue Parcel delivers furniture directly to your home or office. To get free shipping when you purchase furniture from them, simply use their online form to order. Blue Parcel offers free shipping beginning on the day you place your order. Their website contains helpful information about common complaints about their shipping services as well as common questions about their furniture assembly and packing process.

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Via Freight is a nationwide furniture delivery and moving service that ships furniture to over 150 cities in the United States. They offer two methods of shipping: ground shipping and air freight. Via Freight offers free shipping beginning on the day you place your order. The majority of their trucks are equipped with video cameras to record your belongings for you when it is time to deliver them to your new home. You can also track your belongings with the use of their website.

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UPS Home Delivery is a one-stop furniture delivery company that offers both door-to-door and drive-up deliveries of new furniture. They provide expedited service during the holiday season. You can track furniture arrival times on their website as well as view their entire fleet of trucks. In addition to delivering new furniture, UPS Home Delivery services cleaning, moving, and delivery service for other furniture products including desks, chairs, televisions, rugs, tables, and more.

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All American Moving and Storage is a full service moving and storage company that specializes in nationwide overnight and same-day delivery. They are happy to move you in the same day and will deliver your furniture to your new home in same-day, padded packaging if requested. All American Moving and Storage is a one-stop shop for all of your moving needs. They offer professional relocation services; storage services; and residential and commercial delivery. You can make sure that all of your belongings are delivered to your new home in time for the holiday. All American Moving and Storage deliver quickly so you can start enjoying your new furnishings.

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