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Many people find it very challenging to move their pianos long distances. Others find that they have tried to do it before and have simply given up. Piano moving is very complicated and needs to be done carefully. A local piano mover will be able to tell you how to move a piano properly and make the move as easy and stress free. Piano moving does not have to be a difficult task for a professional moving company. They have the experience it takes to make the move safe and smooth.

How to Move a Piano. There are several methods by which a piano can be moved. The safest and easiest method is on flat ground using dollies. However, moving an upright piano, which is heavier than a cylinder piano, requires more skill and equipment. Local piano movers can help move your piano safely and easily.

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How to Calculate the Costs. You can find local movers who will provide a free quote based on the equipment, materials and labour costs. The price quoted will include all the charges that are required such as flat rate, local tax and insurance. Calculating the piano moving cost includes the price of the upright piano, if applicable.

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How to Determine the Weight. All pianos are rated in terms of their weight to size in grams. The lighter the piano, the less will be its actual moving weight. The actual weight will be dependent on the brand and year made of the instrument. The moving company should take this factor into account.

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Move the Upright Piano. The longer the distance the upright piano is to be moved, the heavier it will be. In some cases, you can get a friend or family member to help with the move if the move is going to be long-distance. However, if the move is not very long-distance, the movers are equipped with rolling drums that can easily handle the weight of the upright piano during the long distance.

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Get the Best Hourly Rates. As with most local movers, the moving pianos have flat rates. These are based on the weight, type of the instrument, the distance and time of the move. There are a few general moving companies who offer hourly rates.

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How Upright Pianos Weigh? It is difficult for people to judge how heavy a particular upright piano is. An upright piano is usually very light. Most upright pianos weigh less than 100 pounds.

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What Is The Best Hideoutratore For A Move? If the move is in relatively warm weather climates, an indoor move might be a good idea. This saves the expense of hiring professionals to move the piano inside. But, if the move is in colder climates, then an outdoor move is better. Professional movers can be used to transport an upright piano that is covered by the moving company’s insurance policy. However, you should make sure to check with your insurance company before moving your piano to ensure that they will cover the cost of the move.

How Long Does It Take To Move Piano Across Country? Upright piano moves usually only take one day. If the distance is longer than a single day, then consider using airlift services. Stairlifts can take a long time to complete the move because it takes time to navigate the staircase.

Is Using A Piano Tuner A Good Idea? It is best to hire a piano tuner if you do not know how to tune your own instrument. Many people find that it is hard to tune their own instrument. A professional piano tuner can make the process of moving your piano across the country much easier. It can also be a good idea to hire a piano tuner if you are moving to a new home where the previous owner did not keep the instrument in good condition.

Is There Extra Costs? Yes, there are some extra costs to consider if you decide to hire a professional piano mover to move your instrument. You will likely need to pay for the services of a piano mover and insurance for the moving process. In some cases, the person you hire to move your upright may need to get a special license to operate his or her business.

Are There Any Possible Dangers? Yes, there are some dangers involved in moving your piano. Make sure the piano mover you hire has experience in moving very heavy items. The person you are leaving behind should also have some experience with dealing with high humidity areas.