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Refrigerator Moving begins with understanding the process. There are four steps to take when moving a fridge. The first is preparation. This starts with placing all of the items in the fridge into separate containers that will be clearly visible from the top. The second step is cleaning the interior surfaces of the fridge.

Once this has been done the next step is damage assessment. This will assess the extent of the damage. A damage assessment will determine if there is any chance of rebuilding the fridge. An appliance dolly is used for this purpose during refrigerator moving. The dolly is a moving conveyor that will allow for the easy transportation of the damaged appliance to the new location. The third step is the replacement of the battery back up, if applicable.

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Refrigerator moving can be completed using a variety of methods. For instance, the most traditional way to move an appliance is by utilizing a professional moving company. Using a professional moving service will provide a detailed plan of how to move a refrigerator. These services will use heavy duty equipment and experienced moving professionals. The fourth method of refrigerator moving is to use a compressor-powered dolly.

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Two hours is the time it takes to cool down a refrigerator. Three hours is considered an average time for a refrigerator to defrost itself. Using a compressor for refrigerator moving speeds up the defrost time. In fact, it only takes approximately two hours to completely thaw out a defrosted refrigerator.

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Before moving heavy items such as a refrigerator it is wise to ensure that these objects are adequately covered. Moving heavy items such as appliances should not be attempted without having a thorough inspection first. The last method of refrigerator moving is simply to utilize a moving heavy equipment removal service. This method is used when damage has occurred and further damage will occur during the moving process.

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Damages caused by a refrigerator moving can often be repaired but this often times involves additional expense. Moving and reassembling an appliance such as a toaster can cost thousands of dollars. It can also involve hours of labor and damage. It is best to avoid property damage in favor of an overall cost savings. Refrigerator movers understand the value of a small investment such as a new home.

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When a refrigerator moving company uses their equipment they first inspect the area to be moved. The next step is to load all items into their vehicles. All loose items should be attached with tape. Then the truck with its hydraulic arm system will take the appliance and place it on its side, one step in advance of the moving process.

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Refrigerator movers know how to work around corners, under stairs and through hallways along baseboards. The movers will also make sure the refrigerator is secure in place before the move begins. They often provide dollies to make it easy for you to load the fridges into the trucks. The dollies allow the furniture dolly to be pushed under the refrigerator and securely placed on top. Before the movers leave you will want to check your refrigerator to make sure they are not damaged or broken in any areas.

Once the moving vehicle has reached your destination, the movers will unload your kitchen appliance and strap it to the truck with straps made from tie ropes. The straps will be tightened to ensure the appliance does not move during the move. The moving company will then place your fridges in the moving vehicle and strap them to a board.

The actual refrigerator moving task can begin after the appliances have been secured to the board. The refrigerator movers will remove the doors from your cabinets and set up to pack them. This part of the preparation stage may take an hour or longer depending on how large your kitchen is and how many shelves there are. Once the cabinets are in place, the movers will proceed to the next stage of securing the contents. They will stack the boxes on top of one another and secure with ties or duct tape.

The movers will start at the bottom of the stairs and work their way up. When the first items have been loaded into the appliance from the power cord will be disconnected. The first few boxes will then be unloaded and put on top of the stack. The last items that will be loaded will be placed on top of these. The movers will unplug the power cord and plug the appliance back in. The process is repeated until all of the items are loaded into the appliance.