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Local movers are private contractors who dedicate their time to ensuring your move is completed safely, on time, and with minimal stress. Local moving companies provide a variety of services including packing, loading, unloading, and relocating residential and commercial goods. With many moving companies, there are several moving tips for moving local that can help reduce stress and maximize the experience. Here are five great moving tips for moving locally that can make your move a positive experience:

One must-know moving tip for local movers is that it costs more to hire them for a longer distance than it does to hire them for a shorter one. This cost is determined by the distance, number of items, and the method of packing and loading. The longer the distance and the higher the number of items, the higher the rate you will pay. However, if you plan well enough and know what dates you will be moving, then you can usually get a good deal. Be sure and check out all rates before hiring any company for this service.

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A flat rate is a popular moving company moving idea that many local movers charge. This flat rate is generally based on square footage, and is generally a percentage of the square footage versus the weight and size of the items being moved. For example, if you have two TVs, then the local movers charge for one TV.

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In addition, some local moving company charge by the miles. This is based on the average weight of each item. So, if you are moving a car with a ton of items, then you would expect to pay by the mile. The average cost of a one way trip for a car, is approximately forty dollars per mile. Therefore, for short trips where there is not a lot of room to pack, the local moving company may bill you for less.

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The other popular moving companies include the studios, one way and double truck moves. Studios are local professional movers who offer larger moving packages. Typically, a studio apartment, or smaller home, will cost between sixty-five hundred and one thousand dollars. A one way move is when you move your belongings between locations, while a double truck move is when you move all of your belongings in one fell swoop. So, whether you are moving from your college apartment to your new studio apartment, the local moving companies can help you get your belongings to your new home.

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The other popular type of moving services is packing and loading. This is an area in which you can save some money. Many local moving companies charge less for packing and loading than they do for moving services.

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Other things to keep in mind is the hourly rate, the cost for packing and loading, as well as if they offer overnight service. If you want overnight service, make sure you call up several local moving companies to get the best rate. The average price for an overnight stay is around fifty dollars. So, while local movers can be costly, they are worth it in the long run.

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The final tip local movers will give you is to have them pack your belongings as fast as possible. So, be sure to ask them about their packing techniques before the move. This can make a big difference in the price that you pay for moving services. Local movers know how to pack things in such a way that they get rid of the unpacked items the least amount of time possible.