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If you have just purchased a new mattress, it is probably your biggest investment, and it deserves the same care as all other household appliances. Usually, the last thing to consider is mattress moving; the large bed must first be disassembled, wrapped, and put gently inside a moving truck, before being put on a trailer. But moving a mattress into your new house does not have to be time-consuming and stressful. Here, we discuss how to move a mattress easily and efficiently, with the help of an experienced moving company.

When moving a mattress, you want to make sure that you’re using a professional moving company. Licensed movers specialize in moving mattresses because they know exactly how to move and pack it without damaging it, while still leaving it in good condition for transporting. Moving a heavy appliance such as a bed should only be left in the hands of expert moving professionals. Otherwise, your entire home might be damaged during transportation.

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Most people think that a mattress can be moved on its own, but doing so could damage both the new mattress and your existing bed frame. So if you are considering moving a mattress, call a moving company ahead of time to see what they suggest for transporting. They will be able to give you a quote based on packing and relocating the mattress. Many moving companies offer special services, such as providing protective padding to protect your mattresses from the elements.

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Before leaving your house, remove all of the bedding, such as pillows, sheets, comforters, or throw pillows. Remove any cushions and other removable items from the bedroom, such as lamps, curtains, and curtains. These items make everything look neater and help the movers pack everything properly. Leaving some of these behind is fine, but if it makes the move easier, you can always take them along with you.

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If you are not leaving anything behind, remove the box spring, mattress springs, and mattress supports from the bottom of the bed. The movers will either tie down the bed using ratchet straps or use dollies to slide them under the bed. This may sound like bad news, but it’s important to have the weight of the bed and all of the moving accessories on the same vehicle. Avoid adding additional weight to your truck or car just for the sake of transporting your mattress, which can damage it.

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If you have an old mattress, it may be too late to move it if it is not packed away before you move. Some people store old mattresses in boxes, which is fine, but there is no need to store them in the cardboard box that they came in. Use a bedding set to protect the mattress from damage and keep it from getting dirtier. Put the mattress in the upright position, fold the box spring back up and secure it with ratchet straps, then fold the mattress in half and put it in the moving truck or place on the ground next to the truck.

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If you are packing mattresses for more than one move, you should also consider taking pillows with you for each move. You can find these pillows at any moving supply store. Just make sure they fit securely around the mattress so they won’t move about while you are moving it.

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There are many benefits to packing mattresses for the winter. One of the most common reasons people get into a tizzy to take their mattresses along with them is because they think it will be harder to pack everything if they do not use a truck. However, trucks make the job a lot easier, and if you are planning on using a mattress, you might as well use it. It might mean it takes a little longer to pack your mattresses, but you will be able to fit them in the car or carry them in the bed of a truck without any problems at all.