Receiving, Inspection, Installation, Storage, & Delivery

Storage receiving facilities are becoming more popular with day-to-day moving and storage needs for their most precious assets such as Fine Art, Family Heirlooms, Pianos, High End Electronics / Televisions. Movin’ works with top interior designers throughout Utah who demand full accountability on receiving, inspection, assembly and delivery for their valued clients. Direct, relocation or moving clients also demand accountability, safety, and professional delivery of their their belongings into their new homes: items such as furniture, appliances, electronic equipment, sports equipment, antiques, or even clothing. Storage receiving provides end to end full-service, avoiding any middle-men, or hassles for our clients who value their time and peace of mind.

Remote Relocation Storage Off-Site

Because Movin’ never subcontracts, and only works with internal, local employees, you can trust them with the safety and security of your belongings, knowing your items are handled by experts in receiving, inspection, assembly, storage and delivery needs of our clients throughout the United States, not just Utah. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about hiring a professional inspector (just one company who manages the entire relocation of your items), or making any modifications to your home in order to accommodate the relocation, whether residential homes, or commercial businesses.

Inventoried: Staging, Over-Sized Items, High-End Assets

Many people who decide to use a moving-storage receiving unit are those who are moving to a new home or office. Because the items can be organized and inventoried at this time, the moving and storage process is much easier. Moving and storage receiving units can also help to reduce stress and hassle associated with the moving and storage of multiple, bulky, and valuable items. As the belongings are delivered, there is no need to worry about trying to maneuver large, heavy boxes, and it is far easier to stack boxes closer together than it would be if each item were to be delivered on its own.

One great benefit of moving storage receiving is that many of our interior design clients are repeat business professionals, who utilize and rely on the moving storage services provided by Movin’. Furniture and appliances are common items during th