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It might seem easy enough to just hire somebody to move a refrigerator; after all, this is something that is extremely large and needs to be moved somehow. You would be Interlaken to know just how many people try to do their own refrigerator moving when it comes to the big jobs. Yes, it is a possible job to move a refrigerator the correct way, but unless you plan on hiring professional movers, it probably is not the best option. But, if hiring movers is still not a possibility for you, then here is what you need to know about moving a refrigerator. This Refrigerator Moving Guide was designed with your moving company in mind.

Step One: Setting Up The Site Before you start mopping up any contents, you will need to set up the entire space that your refrigerator will be located in. For that, you will need two chairs and a small table. Foldable tables can work great for this step. Start putting furniture sliders against the walls around the refrigerator. These furniture sliders can hold heavy items such as cans of soda and ice and can protect your furniture from getting banged up while you are moving it. The next thing that you will need to do is secure a few boards to the ground under the refrigerator and the areas between the walls.

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Step Two: Bringing In The Movers After you have secured the ground beneath your refrigerator, you will have to bring in the movers. Before you do this, however, you will want to turn off all power to the refrigerator and remove any covers that might be protecting the wiring. Once all of these things are removed, you will be able to get at the wiring and remove it. Now it is time to move a refrigerator by yourself.

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Step Three: Move It by Yourself Once you have all of the electrical wiring removed from the refrigerator, it is now time to move it by yourself. If you decide that movers are not your best option, you will need to carefully disassemble the unit and place all of the parts back into their spot. Now you will want to plug the refrigerator back in and make sure that all moving parts are working correctly.

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One of the most important safety tips for moving fridges is that they should never be dragged. Fridge motors are strong and their weight makes them much more dangerous when they are being moved. Refrigerator moving tips include that they should be lifted with care but never forced. A good rule of thumb is to lift the compressor section of the refrigerator slowly and with a lot of care.

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Moving fridges can be extremely dangerous if they are not moved properly. Another home improvement safety tip is to never turn a refrigerator upside down, as this is very dangerous. The blades on the top of the appliance are especially delicate and can easily break if the refrigerator moves in the wrong direction. Before attempting to turn a refrigerator on its side, place a small block of wood or cardboard on the bottom of the refrigerator. If the refrigerator is too heavy, it can cause the wood to slide off and damage the inside components.

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One home improvement tip is to always use a flat surface to move a refrigerator because a lot of strain is placed on the moving parts of a refrigerator. For this reason, never try to move an upright refrigerator by yourself. The weight of the moving parts can cause serious problems and may even require the help of a friend or two. One way to keep the moving pieces from causing any serious damage is to place baking soda under the refrigerator door as you are moving it. Baking soda absorbs a lot of weight and can make the door open much easier. If the refrigerator has a solid ice pack on top, the baking soda will also keep the ice from melting and moving around.

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After you have successfully moved your refrigerator into your new place, you will need to clean it up thoroughly before putting it back where it belongs. Do not forget to remove all of the moving parts from the fridge so that they do not get caught up in the new place and hurt themselves moving something that is already in a different place. Once you have cleaned up the old place and your fridge is ready to go, test it out in the new place. The defrost cycle should work just fine without any issues and your fridge will be fully functional again.