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Kearns Township Commercial Movers

“We are currently working with an international business owner who is relocating his entire company to Kearns Township. He has several people on his team that are both US citizens and permanent residents. Within this move, he is having difficulty deciding what office supplies to purchase and what equipment he will need when he moves his entire company there. Our office staff recommends that he use our Commercial Moving Services because of the high quality and flexibility that they provide.”

“We were pleased to recommend Eagle’s services to a client last month. We had three questions for the moving consultant prior to his move: his experience, the cost of his business relocation package and what type of office furniture would he use. The consultant was very knowledgeable and very thorough in his reply. He was able to give us an accurate cost estimate of his move in a timely manner. He also indicated that all of his employees would be fully supported during this move, which was a big plus for us.

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“The man’s got plenty of work, but his office relocation won’t be an easy move. He told me right away that he needed help with a few things. He indicated that he would like to have a few employees stay put and continue to use the same offices as they did during the launch of his company. I also noticed that he planned to continue using the same setup for a couple of months until he could get his office relocation underway. This was just fine with me; however, he indicated that it may be necessary for him to utilize additional office moving supplies to make the move a little easier.

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“Great detail on my business relocation. The move got underway in less than two hours and my employees and I were ready to begin by day’s end. The movers were courteous and did an excellent job loading the truck with all of our office equipment. It took them about an hour and a half to move all of our equipment, which was a huge relief. They even cleaned up the loading dock and the entire area seemed dry when we left. Great detail on my business relocation.”

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“Great detail on my business relocation. Myself, I was really concerned that we would have difficulty finding a moving company that could get the move done in a timely manner. My company is moving over to another location and the person I hired to do the move had no idea how to get started and was delayed several weeks in getting started. After talking to her, we found out that they were able to find a company that would work with us and make the move a breeze.”

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“Great detail on my commercial moving company experience. The move was completed in under two hours with minimal disruption. The commercial moving company I chose was very prompt in giving me a timeframe for completion and was very organized in their packing and moving procedures. Their employees were very knowledgeable and did a wonderful job packing and moving all of our office equipment. They were also very punctual in answering any questions I had about the move and making sure everything