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Furniture moving can be a stressful event for the unprepared, but with careful planning and the right products, you can move it yourself without ruining your back or shoulders. Furniture moving can be especially tricky if you have a dresser, bed or other large piece of furniture that weighs quite a bit. While you don’t need professional moving equipment, you do need sturdy moving blankets, a dolly and other protective gear. Follow these moving furniture tips for the best results.

One of the most important aspects of moving furniture within the city is the truck that you use. A large truck is recommended, as large trucks provide better maneuverability and are more stable when transporting items on their sides. Make sure that you find a moving truck rental company, as these companies are usually licensed and have insurance. They will also ensure that the truck is large enough and has adequate insurance for the items being moved. Moving trucks often cannot accommodate items that are too large, so ask the moving rental company what the maximum size of truck they can accommodate.

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Another common problem that arises when moving furniture is damage to delicate or large household appliances, such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators. For most appliances, you should place them on the moving truck bed with their legs at least six inches from the edge of the bed, which helps prevent damage to the appliance. Always secure appliances with the help of moving furniture sliders or dollies. This allows the dolly to rest securely on top of the appliance, which prevents it from moving and damages in the process.

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The use of furniture sliders and dollies also applies to outdoor furniture pieces. If you are planning on relocating outdoor patio furniture such as chairs and tables, using furniture gliders or dollies will help you move them safely and efficiently under the current conditions. It is important to note that if the patio furniture is made of wood, you must first remove the cushions before using the furniture gliders or dollies to help prevent damage to the fabric or paint.

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If you are using furniture sliders or dollies to help move heavy appliances, you must take the time to check each part of the equipment before lifting it onto the ground. Make sure you check the joints for wear and replace if necessary. You may want to check the frame of the appliance for any rust that may be present. This is especially important if you are moving an aluminum or stainless steel appliance. Regular maintenance checks on your heavy equipment will make it easier when you need to move it, since high quality furniture sliders and dollies have many more features than regular industrial strength equipment.

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Many people use regular furniture sliders and dollies when moving a smaller household item or even a single furniture piece, such as a dresser. They are used to help lift dressers and other large appliances, as well as to help move mattresses, chairs, and tables in and out of closets or storage rooms. When using furniture gliders for these types of household moves, remember to carefully lift the item onto its side. The tilt motion of furniture gliders can actually cause damage to s