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Mantua Furniture Assembly

There is nothing more fun than moving a home or office furniture assembly to a new location. Moving the majority of your furniture assemblies is fairly straightforward. It only requires a little bit of prep and you will be well on your way to relocating your furniture to the new location. The key to efficient furniture moving is getting it together as quickly as possible so that your assembly pieces arrive in the same space as their moving boxes. Here are some tips that will help you move your furniture quickly.

Make sure that all of your pieces of furniture are properly marked and are appropriately packed, especially if they are heavy. Make sure that you have enough packing paper to fill each box and that each piece is correctly cushioned. Your furniture assembler should be able to advise you how much packing paper to use based on your specific piece. If you need more than one box per box, then that is okay, but make sure that each piece is adequately packaged. Book all of your furniture assembly shipments carefully and be certain that your books are organized by the type of piece.

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When packaging your pieces for transport, take into consideration what sort of covering you will need to protect your items, particularly if they are fragile. Heavy cardboard or strong paper is an excellent choice of protective covering depending on the type of furnishings that you are transporting. If your items are extremely fragile, you may want to consider a foam padded sleeve that can be placed over your item while it is being assembled so that it is protected throughout the assembly process. Before placing any items inside the foam padding, you should identify the best place for them based on the weight and type of assembly that you will be doing.

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If you are going to be putting together multiple items assembled, you will need to have labels available when you pick up your shipment. Labels can help you see what type of materials that you should put together according to the model of furniture that you are assembling. If you are shipping to another country, then you will likely have to pay a higher customs duty, so be sure to determine the duty that you will need to pay in advance. Paying the extra money upfront can save you money in the long run, so try to calculate the duty ahead of time and buy the materials in bulk, so that you are not paying any more than you have to. There are some exceptions to these general tips, depending on the size and weight of the items that you are sending, so be sure to contact your company before ordering any materials.

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Many companies choose to hire furniture assemblers that work on a per-job basis, meaning that they charge per hour. This is generally cheaper than hiring an independent contractor, especially if you need to assemble more than one item at a time. The average cost of completing an assembly job would be approximately thirty-five dollars an hour, although the exact amount will depend on the company and the type of furniture that you are making. However, even though this is a more expensive option, it is generally more economical because you do not have to pay the higher price for labor that you would if you hired an independent contractor.

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