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Although they were not pros, that poor unfortunate old couch did not need to end an ignominious life. If only they knew how to move a couch, all would be well again. It is hard to tell in the moving video, but at one point they seem to be trying to move the couch off a rooftop. I guess there is no way to stop a fall in such circumstances.

For all we know that they were trying to scout for a new job. Perhaps they needed the extra income. But it sure as hell hurts when your furniture hurts. At least if this is how couch moving was done, the person who was responsible for such loss could have been charged with trespassing. This is one of the worst things that can happen in moving.

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If this were my fault, I would sue them, because the damage was totally my fault. The moving service did not do a good enough job to insure their furniture. The quality of the sofa and cushions were below acceptable standards. That is not what I would consider “okay” moving all of your furniture. Not even close.

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So, what to do? Well, I went ahead and called around to several moving companies. I asked them to provide a quote on moving the couch into the next room. Then I would compare that to the cost of moving all of the other furniture pieces separately. That way I could make an informed decision on which moving company to use.

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Most of the movers I talked to were quite affordable, but one company that was recommended to me seemed more than a little over priced. It turned out that this moving company charges additional fees for door to door service. The fee is about $30 per hour. This seems like a huge amount for what is considered a fairly simple move, of four couches.

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I went ahead and hired the services of another, much cheaper, moving company. They did an excellent job of packing up the furniture and moving it into the rooms in our new home. There was one issue. The movers did not protect the cushions on the couches.

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I discovered later, after talking to a professional mover, that such protection should be standard in any move of this size. I also learned that this protection should be required in any move involving large items. Why would anyone move such a large couch by using any less expensive, professional moving equipment without some kind of protective covering? Anyone who does is taking a big risk. Again, such a move would cost considerably more than a simple couch topper.

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What I learned about couch moving is that professional movers are able to use their moving equipment properly, pack the items in their designated spaces, and ensure the utmost safety of the items. They were able to move our heavy couch without any problems at all. It certainly saved us money. In the end, we were able to move our heavy couch and other belongings in just two hours. I highly recommend such a move to anyone with a large couch and who needs to move it into a new home.

When you’re moving a couch through any type of moving process, you need to pay close attention to how to move a couch through a tight door. A loose door can easily cause the weight of a couch or any heavy furniture to crush the doorframe. Such an act could also result in an accidental injury that might require a trip to the emergency room.

In addition, any time you’re dealing with a large piece of furniture, you need to pay close attention to how to move a couch through a tight door. Professional couch movers have experience with this particular maneuver and know how to move a couch through a tight door without causing any damage. A door with a frame of wood with no nails can be easily handled by a professional mover, too. After all, if you accidentally hit the nail of the doorframe with the heavy furniture, you will probably have a hard time getting your furniture out without damaging the frame or the sofa.

If you’re planning on hiring professional couch movers to help you move your couch, there are some other considerations to think about before the movers arrive. Ask the movers if they provide insurance for your belongings during transit. Ask if they provide a guarantee on the transport of your furniture. If the movers do not offer such a service, then plan on paying for the furniture to be repaired or replaced while you’re in the process of moving it yourself. In many cases, it may be more economical and convenient to just hire another person to move your couch, rather than try to move it by yourself.