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Moving hot tubs can be a very exciting and rewarding part of home ownership. Unfortunately for most people they don’t have the knowledge or expertise to do this themselves. In this situation it is recommended that the hot tub is moved by professionals. However, where should you start to look when trying to find a qualified moving company?

The price of moving a hot tub by a professional moving company range from around 200 to 400 dollars. When you add in other additional costs such as transportation time, local fees, labor costs, the location you live in, extra expenses added because of height, distance, etc, these prices can quickly add up to more than $1000 quite quickly. This is why it is important to know how to move a hot tub.

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The first step in how to move a hot tub is to determine how large you want the new location to be. As a general rule the hotter it is the harder it is to move. Moving hot tubs can be very heavy and therefore need to be transported by more than one person. This makes the entire moving process much longer. If you are unsure of how many movers will be required to move the tub then contact several local moving companies to get an idea of costs.

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Once you have decided on the location of your new home you will want to contact a few moving companies to see what their rates are. Although a moving company may quote you a flat rate, there are a number of factors that will need to be considered. Be sure to ask the moving company if there are any charges for having a vehicle, picking up and dropping off the trailer, and if there are any charges for using a local parking facility. Some companies even have a minimal charge if the trailer is insured while in transit.

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The reason that insurance policies are included in the quote is so that the entire job is covered in case anything happens during the move. It would not be good to lose everything in the effort to get the job done right. If the insurance is purchased through a moving companies most often they will take care of everything including the removal of the old trailer, so there is no need to worry about loss or damage of property during the move.

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Another factor in how to move a hot tub is to consider the type of dolly that will be needed. A dolly is a sturdy four wheeled vehicle with a bed that can be pulled behind a moving truck. Most moving companies have these available for rental so this is not a necessary purchase for everyone. If you do choose to purchase your own dolly be sure to get one that can fit the size of your hot tub. If you find that you are moving it from a location in which there is not a nearby dolly the cost of renting one may be cheaper so be sure to calculate this into the overall price of the move. Most moving companies will provide you with replacement dollies if they are damaged so make sure to inquire about this when you are talking to them about the price to have the move completed.

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With the dolly come safety supplies and accessories to make the move go smoothly. Moving hot tubs is a big job and needs a lot of precautions to be followed. All moving services like hot tub moving services use trucks to move the hot tub from place to place. If you are going to hire a moving services company be sure to research their insurance policies and how they will be compensated, should anything happen to damage or happen to the vehicle on the way. Insurance coverage can be expensive, so having the peace of mind of knowing that your belongings are protected is worth the price.

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If you have never hired a moving services company to have a hot tub moved before it may be wise for you to do so. Hiring moving companies is more familiar ground and usually a more reliable option. Moving hot tub off-site is only recommended when the mover companies are experienced professionals or if you have a very good understanding of how the process works. The most common reason that hot tub moving off-site is due to budget concerns. When this is the case, it is always best to make a few calls and compare rates from a number of moving companies to make sure that you are paying the best price for the best services.