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Piano moving can conjure up visions of giant men with huge torsos and muscular arms, but really only two people of average physical build can accomplish most piano moving tasks; even grands if they at least have some brains, know how to use a few tools, and a reasonable knowledge of when and where to exert a bit of force. The average upright piano movers in your local area are probably local piano movers that understand how to move a piano, but how to move it safely and how to move a piano across long distances. Most upright piano movers have at least a year’s worth of moving experience and have been moving pianos for many years. This experience gives them the knowledge of how to move a piano the correct way, where to use dollies and cradles, how to secure the top bars to the floor, how to keep the piano’s corners supported while it is being moved and so on. It also gives them the skills of how to move a piano across a room without damaging it or scratching it in any way.

A common misconception is that movers charge a flat rate for moving pianos. In fact, there are many local piano moving companies that charge by the miles. These companies may only charge two or three cents per mile for larger moves, but will charge much more per kilo if you have an exceptionally large piano. If you have a moving company that charges by the mile, make sure you get a written quote before you agree to move the piano. You should also get a second opinion if you are unsure about this flat rate, as some general moving companies will charge a much higher rate if you are not completely satisfied.

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The strongest piano movers will never try to move small pianos alone. This is a job for strong people. Lifting a heavy piano with one arm and one hand is not a job for strong people. Strong people have been hurt in the past attempting to move pianos by themselves. If you are moving a piano, you should always arrange for a strong person to accompany you.

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Upright pianos are usually the most expensive to move. The local piano moving companies know this, so they don’t try to save you by overcharging for the move. They know that upright pianos are very heavy and that they can cost thousands to move. They will quote you a price that is based on the average weight of your upright piano, minus the legs.

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There are several things you can do to reduce the moving cost of your upright piano. Many moving companies offer discounts for such things as having your piano professionally completed, moving in groups, or having the moving trucks come right up to your house. These discounts will sometimes make a local piano moving company a better deal than moving it yourself. Even if you don’t get a discount, some moving companies do free moving quotes.

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A good idea is to get a copy of your local building codes to make sure that there aren’t any restrictions in your area that would make moving the piano harder than it already is. It’s important to check the FMCSA directory of local codes. Then you need to contact the local movers and ask how long it will take them to move your piano. Be very specific about the distance. You don’t want to find out you have to drive several hours to move it.

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Freight forwarders often offer discounts for moving pianos. But beware. Some forwarders will quote a price based on the weight of your piano, which is completely inaccurate. They will quote you the standard freight rate for large pianos. You should only work with a freight forwarder that has experience in moving pianos, or someone with a large enough network of trusted movers. The freight forwarder will also be able to assist you with local laws and regulations concerning pianos.

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Your local piano mover will also be able to help you determine the appropriate foundation, height and distance requirements for your music room. That will save you time and frustration in the long run. A long distance piano move is far more difficult than a local move, because the size and weight must be transported by people who are trained to handle this type of load. Piano movers are the professionals.