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Moving heavy furniture is often a difficult task. The first thought that comes to mind when a moving company offers the service of moving heavy furniture is that it may prove to be dangerous. The fact is that the safety issue is overblown. If the furniture has been carefully chosen and the movers have been properly trained, then the chances of damage due to movement are non existent. There are some things that you can do on your own to minimize the chances of damage from moving heavy furniture. Here are some of them:

Heavy furniture requires careful planning. Before moving the furniture from one place to another, you must make sure that the moving company has well-trained personnel and that they are aware of all the precautions that need to be taken in order to ensure protection of the furniture while in transit. The use of enclosed vans by the moving company will not only help in avoiding any accidents related to heavy furniture but also makes the move easy and safe.

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You must have a clear idea about the weight of the furniture. You should also keep an estimate of the weight in your possession, so that there is no mistake regarding the actual weight of the furniture. This information can be provided by the movers with whom you have decided to hire for the purpose. In case you are hiring local movers, you can provide this information as well so that you do not forget anything important.

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Ensure that the local movers have all the required equipment to move the heavy furniture. They should be provided with proper tools and equipment for moving the furniture. It is important to inform the moving company about all the things that are in the car such as electrical appliances like mattresses, carpets, pillows, shoes and other similar items. These things cannot be removed from the car. It is important that the local movers know all the details regarding all the heavy furniture in your possession.

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The local movers may suggest some alternative methods for moving the heavy furniture in an easier way. These methods could include using ramps or dollies instead of lifting it. Another alternative is to use cranes for lifting the furniture. However, if you are unable to manage the crane, then the local movers can use the trucks for lifting the furniture.

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Do not forget to pack the heavy furniture carefully. The local movers are expert in packing but they may not have the same idea about what should be packed inside the moving boxes. If you are unable to locate suitable packing materials, you can pack the furniture yourself. Use strong paper, padded envelopes and plastic bags for placing all the items of furniture.

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Make sure that you have all the documents related to the furniture before the local movers begin moving it. For instance, if you are shifting the furniture from a college campus, you will have to inform the college authorities about this. The local movers will charge extra fees if they find out that you are not informed about the shifting of the furniture. You will be charged extra fees according to the size and weight of the furniture. It is better to avoid using soft cotton clothes for moving the furniture. This is because cotton can be torn into small pieces which can cause some damage during the moving process.

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The local movers will charge you for their services based on the dimensions of the furniture and the type of transportation chosen for moving the heavy furniture. In case you have bought the furniture in a store near your house, then you can take it to the store with your help. Store staff will help you move the heavy furniture in a comfortable and orderly manner. However, if you had bought the furniture in a store, you will have to keep all the packing documents with you when you begin to move the furniture. If you are unsure about the proper procedure for packing the heavy furniture, you can seek the assistance of an experienced householder. He will guide you to pack the furniture in a proper way so that no damage occurs during the move.