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Mattress moving has never been so easy. When you’re ready to move your mattress, there’s no need to run around town trying to find a moving company. The internet is filled with great links for finding local movers and companies that take care of residential and commercial moves. What’s more, the internet is also a great resource for information about the companies you’re considering hiring. You can read reviews, contact customer service representatives, and even compare rates and services before making your decision.

A mattress moving bag is one that stands up to the test of time. It’s a large, vinyl-covered plastic bag with enough room for your mattress, sheets, pillow cases and comforter to be transported in. Mattress bags come in a heavy duty, too, if that’s your first encounter with the word moving bag; they’re designed to transport all sizes of beds; from twin, queen, to even a king-sized bed. This ensures that your items will be safe and sound while they’re headed to your new home. They’re available in several different materials, including polyesters and nylon, among others.

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Some movers specialize in moving mattresses only. If you’d rather have an entire moving team focus on moving your belongings, you can ask your movers to package your entire bed and other belongings as well. This allows one person to dedicate an entire van to moving your possessions, saving you time and gas money. Ask your mover about options for pad transportation when moving a mattress as well. The mattress isn’t all that heavy, but the box it’s placed in can be; so it’s a good idea to have the experts do the job.

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Before the movers arrive, make sure any personal effects are out of the way. These include pictures, blankets, pillows, and anything else that’s near or on your mattress. You’ll also want to remove any of the electronics so that your loved one can’t be interrupted while the movers pack it up. After the movers have packed everything, let them drive the truck to your house, unload it, and load it back up again. Then, you can watch television or play on your computer while your loved one is safely ensconced inside their new bed.

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Of course, not all mattresses need to be moved during a move. Even mattresses that aren’t in use can still benefit from a professional move a mattress. Movers that specialize in moving beds can pack up just about any mattress and take it with them when they move to a new house. So when you’re planning a move, don’t forget to ask if your mattress needs to go.

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If your mattress has legs that stick out, you’ll also need to take them apart before your move a mattress. First, you’ll need to fold the upper piece of the mattress. Then, you’ll need to fold the lower piece of the mattress, which will form a “cable.” The mattress could be placed on top of the “cable” and turned upside down. The bottom of the mattress could be folded in place and the top folded. Then the mattress could be held up by duct tape and you’d have a very sturdy foundation for the next step.

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Some people prefer to lift their mattresses and push them across the floor using large pneumatic tires, but if you don’t have this kind of equipment you might find it easier to lift the mattress using an ordinary chair. Start by laying the mattress on the floor and pushing it up as far as you can. Once you’ve reached the highest point possible, lift the mattress by lifting the entire “cable” and placing it under one end of the chair you’re using to move it.

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Most modern beds have at least two pieces: a bottom piece that goes into the frame and another piece that’s wrapped around and secured by foam or rubber gaskets. Many older mattresses are just flat cardboard, so you’ll need to use strong ropes or straps to lift and lower these mattresses. You can also use ratchet straps, however, these straps require more strength than most other options. Using non-mesh straps and non-ratchet straps can help make moving mattresses easier, but they’re not always the safest options.