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Moving a pool table can be tricky. First, you need to determine how to transport a pool table safely, and then comes the chore of actually moving it in a safe manner. This can take up tons of your effort and time, so in some cases it would be better to just call professionals in for assistance. When you are considering pool table moving services, make sure that the company offers quality services. There are many things to consider before hiring the service of a pool table moving company.

The biggest difficulty in moving pool tables is getting them situated and balanced correctly on a dolly. Moving large tables such as these can be a difficult task to accomplish, which is why you need a professional crew to do the job for you. Before you start planning for the moving process, the first thing that you need to consider is how difficult the job will be of getting all your tables in one spot and moving them around safely.

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If the moving project is not that difficult, you may want to hire the professionals to complete the task for you. This would be less costly than hiring people just to put your pool table in place and move it around, or renting a moving van. You can also learn how to move a pool table by yourself, but most times the procedure is tricky and requires a bit more know-how than a nonprofessional team would have.

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Hiring professionals to help you with moving your pool table can be helpful, but it is not always an inexpensive option. This is especially true if you already have a moving company lined up who is providing daily or weekly services. Hiring a full service moving company that specializes in pool table relocation can be a costly endeavour. For those families just getting started in the game, they may not be willing to invest in this type of moving service, unless they were forced to by circumstances.

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A great way to save money when it comes to moving your pool table is to disassemble it and store it properly. There are many different tips on how to do this, but most experts recommend disassembling it in a dry and well ventilated area, away from heat, sunlight and moisture. Many people try to save money by putting it inside a storage unit, but this often causes damage to the wood, as well as the moving parts. When you disassemble it, you also need to remove any accessories and furnishings, such as the cushions, base, lights, rails and other hardware. Many professional pool table movers have disassembled models available on their websites, but disassembled moving models can be bought at discount stores.

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You should remove all the slates and accessories from your pool table before moving it to your new home. If there are any important documents or photos you want to take with you, be sure to remove them before packing. This will ensure that they are not ruined in the move. Also, be sure to remove any padded slates that may be protecting the table’s corners from damage while in the new home, as this can be ruined if there is a move.

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When you remove the slates and padding, you should either glue them down or place tape over them. Glue down slates that will be permanently attached to the floor or the walls. Otherwise, tape them up and remove them once they are ready. Some experts recommend using a stapling gun to glue down permanently glued slates, but it is not recommended for pool table floors.

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Many pool table mowers come with detachable, telescoping rims for easy transportation and storage. Be sure to check out the detachable rims beforehand, as they do tend to be more expensive than flat rate rims. Flat rate rims, on the other hand, are usually cheaper and easier to find. Either way, your pool table mover should be able to tell you what kind of flat rate they offer so you can get the best price possible.