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Refrigerator moving services can be provided by licensed and insured movers. These professionals have the knowledge, expertise, and experience necessary in every phase of the move. Refrigerator moving services entail the packing, loading, and unloading of your appliances to a new location. The appliances are transported on a pallet, or dolly, which is moved with the movers; there is also a conveyor that moves the entire refrigerator unit from its original location, or ‘head room’, up to the second floor or attic. If you have an older refrigerator unit that does not have doors or a bottom freezer, it may require more than one vehicle to move it.

One benefit of refrigerator moving companies is that they ensure your property is protected during the move. Insurance companies will pay for the property damage done to your property as well as the moving costs you incur. This insurance coverage can provide funds for your moving costs and for replacement of all damaged goods. A professional service will have their own insurance team on board to cover all the areas of coverage.

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There are many factors to consider when refrigerators are being moved. Refrigerator moving companies will have a checklist covering all of these items. Refrigerator compressor and the accessories involved are covered as well as the moving truck or van used. Moving a refrigerator entails three very important steps; First, the door must be opened and the compressor turned on. This ensures there is power running to the moving pieces.

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Second, it’s time to locate the refrigerator moving tasks. It is imperative that the movers know the shortest route to your location. Then, they must figure out how many personnel will need to work, and how many vehicles will be needed. And, of course, they need to book a date and time for arrival. Once all this information has been organized, then movers can start working to complete your property damage.

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When the movers arrive at your location, they should make sure that all the door windows are open and that there is no one else in the way. This will provide easy access to all three parts of the refrigerator. If anyone is in the way, the movers will have to take extra precautions to avoid any damage to the appliances.

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The third and crucial step of refrigerator moving involves the use of the baking soda and water. Movers should mix the baking soda in with enough water to completely cover the appliance. This will help to slow down the chemical reaction between the two chemicals and the moisture present. After two hours, the chemicals will have completely broken down and the moisture will be gone.

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The last step is to wrap the entire moving appliance in plastic sheets or newspaper. They should leave about a half inch of space between the appliance and the sheet. By using strong paper, they can ensure that the moving object does not move around while it is being moved. After that, the movers should call you to give them an update on the progress. They should make sure that everything goes as planned and then pack everything in boxes and tape them up.

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Refrigerator moving can be quite difficult, if not done correctly. If possible, movers should be able to make the process easier for everyone by taking some time to prepare all of the necessary items. By preparing for the moving heavy items, everyone will be able to rest assured that their refrigerator will be protected from damage and the appliance will not break down when being moved.