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If you’re moving house and need some expert help, use one of the terrific online resources that make moving easy. Great Men is a free, no obligation website dedicated to moving experts. It’s a simple to use site that lets you schedule a time to have any of your furniture moved when you’re ready. Best of all, the company takes care of packing, loading and delivery of your belongings whether you need it the next day or one year from now. Great Men makes finding furniture moving professionals easy and saves you time and stress.

Move-iture-How-To guides will show you step-by-step how to pack up and load your belongings into your vehicle for relocation. Featured are tips for moving small items, including clothing, bedding, dishes and kitchen appliances. Great Men helps you locate furniture movers closest to you, so that you don’t need to struggle or break your back carrying an antique desk or dresser down the stair. Network of local furniture moving service providers can help you with all of your furniture moving needs from room to room. They can make moving day just as easy as the day you packed your items.

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Furniture-moving service experts use the same high quality materials that local furniture movers use. This ensures that your belongings will be protected during the transport process. Many local movers provide nationwide coverage for all types of moving luggage, so that you can rest easy that your precious items will arrive safely at your destination. Furniture-moving services offer expert quality trailer services as well. With a qualified mover, you can move furniture yourself, if you choose, or have them do the packing and loading for you.

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The best furniture mover will have a variety of options that are not only affordable but convenient for you. They will consult with you about your needs. They should assess the size and shape of your furniture, and then determine what your options are for moving your belongings in a safe, timely fashion. In order to move furniture yourself, you may need special equipment such as dollies, ramps or scissor lifts. When you hire a local mover, they will provide these items free of charge.

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If you decide to use a furniture moving company instead, you will have a local moving representative who will meet with you to discuss your options, assess your needs, and complete a quote for your move. Pricing varies according to the size and type of furniture you have, the distance the relocation takes, and other factors. Furniture-moving service providers offer a variety of options. Here is a sample list:

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Heavy Furniture Moving: Often, if your furniture is over six feet long or very heavy, it can be moved by an individual or by a combination of individual and moving teams. However, it may be necessary to rent or lease specialty equipment to accomplish the move. Special heavy-duty furniture padding can prevent damage to floors, walls, and other furnishings during transportation. Padding also helps to protect furniture from accidental bumps and knocks that can cause damage, especially to wooden flooring.

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