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Finding local movers can be time consuming. However, it is worth the effort for your belongings to be moved efficiently and in a timely fashion. Moving services that have a nationwide presence may seem more accessible than one that specializes in the area where you live. Yet, there are pros and cons to both types. Knowing which pros and cons apply to your situation will help you decide whether you should utilize the expertise of a nationwide moving company.

Why is it better to use local movers? First of all, they can offer the best price. To locate local movers you need only follow a few easy steps: Tip: Use the “find us” button on the homepage of any major search engine. Once you have found a company, review their contact information, available services, pricing and special discounts. Then compare the prices and services to those listed above.

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Does your entire operation need to be completed within the same city? A national move could mean long commutes between your apartment and the truck that delivers it. It can also mean having to move all the furniture yourself if that is the case. When moving a smaller apartment, however, each piece will be in your new house for only a short period of time. Local movers can save a significant amount of time when relocating entire operations.

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What should you expect to pay in addition to the hourly rate? The cost of transportation will depend greatly on the distance and size of your truck. You will also be billed for gas, which can make a big difference if your truck is more than 10 feet in length. An affordable moving company should quote an accurate average cost for truck rental based on the square footage, weight and vehicle type.

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Do you need just one apartment or do you need an entire studio apartment and multiple units? Many local movers are happy to accommodate requests up to ten or twelve units. In many metropolitan areas, apartments are easier to relocate than houses. For a small apartment, all you need to do is bring in a copy of your lease agreement or an apartment manager, fill out a simple form, and the company will take care of relocating your belongings. Longer term studio apartments will require a longer form to request special services such as a truck, stair lift, shutters or other features.

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If you are moving a large number of boxes, then it might be more cost-effective to simply use a removal service. Many services will pack up your belongings for you, load them into a van, and remove them in a compact manner to your new address. This is helpful for those who do not want to deal with the logistics of moving all of your boxes, or who do not have the time or patience to do it themselves. There are companies that offer both local and nationwide removals at competitive prices. Removals are generally available within one or two days, sometimes even the same day that you move in.

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To figure out how much your local moving company should charge for a particular service, you must provide them with the square footage, weight and size of each item. This information is necessary for many reasons: if the movers quote a price for a move that includes removal charges, they will be charging you for the service, regardless of how much they remove. They can also charge you for items that are too heavy to move, or items that will take more than one person to complete. Calculating the average cost for each move is easy, as it requires nothing more than measuring your belongings and providing information.

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The average cost of local movers ranges from four to eight percent of the total cost of your move. Moving professionals agree that the best way to determine what the moving company will charge is to calculate how much time and effort it would require to move the items by themselves. This calculation can be done by dividing the moving day’s time spent moving the items by the number of hours it would take if the items were moved by a professional mover. For example, if a family of four moves their dining room set by themselves, the cost for this move would be: four hours x forty-four minutes x eight percent. Therefore, finding a local mover who charges an hourly rate close to this percentage is advisable.