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Moving the couch is not as easy as it may seem. It is important to consider certain things before undertaking couch moving. In fact, couch moving may be more difficult than moving the entire furniture set. A moving company will have the experience and expertise to move your entire furniture set, including your couches and recliners. A professional move will also help you reduce your stress level because everything will be in the proper place and in good condition when you arrive at your new destination.

When it comes to couch moving, do not make the mistake of hiring just any moving company. Ask family and friends for referrals or check with the Better Business Bureau. Most movers will have an insurance policy that covers damage to your belongings during transportation. Read the policy carefully so that you are aware of any limitations.

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Do not expect the movers to move all your furniture at one go. There will be some furniture that will need to be shifted first such as couches and recliners. As the moving day approaches, all the items that were not moved earlier will be placed on top of one another. Only after the movers have arranged all the furniture to be moved at one go will the rest of the furniture be disassembled and packed for storage.

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Before embarking upon the couch moving, decide what you want to accomplish when moving the sofa. If you are simply relocating the sofa alone, then make sure to mark the room where the sofa will be placed clearly on the floor. Mark the door and the space in front of the door to indicate that only the sofa can be entered. It is better to have a written list of what needs to be accomplished rather than guesswork when you decide to hire a moving company.

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Ask the moving company if they offer any special assistance during couch moving services. Some companies will let you drive the sofa movers straight to the spot where the sofa will be positioned. They may even move the sofa into place while you are holding it down. Other companies may charge extra for this service.

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If you do decide to hire a professional moving company, ask them how many other people will be moving with you. The number of people who need to be transported along with the sofa will affect how long it takes for the movers to transport the couch. The longer the distance between the truck and the final destination, the longer the time it will take for the couch to be moved. The company’s rate will also increase the farther out you have to go. You should also consider the distance between the truck and your residence; if there is another person or two in the house that will need transportation to the new location, they could factor in that into their quote.

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Ask the movers what methods of securing the couch will be used. Most moving companies use either packing tape or heavy-duty tape to secure the couch to the floor. Lifting the couch by lifting it by its legs or using a large dolly to move it may be more difficult and require additional manpower. Many couch moving companies choose to use truck-mounted hydraulic jacks to lift the couch because this method of lifting is safer and usually results in a more even distribution of weight. A flatbed moving van or stair stepper may be preferred for a longer distance move, but these come with extra costs.

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Before making your decision on which moving service to use, find out if the movers are insured. You should also find out what the moving rates are for common furniture like sofas, sectionals and futons. Your credit card can usually be accepted for most movers, as long as it is within the company’s accepted credit card range. Find out about the local laws regarding couch moving services before beginning the move.