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If you have a piano or two that you want to move, you might consider hiring local piano movers to do the job. There are many advantages to hiring movers to transport your piano to your new home. Not only will your piano look nice when it’s in your new home, but local movers can also take it there safely while transporting it is also safe. They can also help unload it and bring it into the home when it’s ready to be put inside. And local movers are trained to help with all of these things.

The average piano moving price is around $80 per hour for a couple movers. The price per piece usually depends on the number of piano parts, the size, and the local movers’ hourly rate. These fees are typically broken down into two charges – the moving cost and the unloading cost. The moving cost covers the actual weight of the piano that needs to be moved, and any packing materials used. Unloading simply means lifting the piano to the correct location and then setting it up on the ground.

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Before hiring local movers to do the job, learn about local laws and regulations about moving a piano. Some areas have restrictions about transporting pianos unless it’s under one place of weight. Others require that the piano is at least one place when it’s taken, including at a dealer’s lot or at the residence of the customer.

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If you don’t know how to move a piano safely, ask a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor to help out. Ask them about their recommendations. Have a plan in place for how long the musical instrument should be kept in one place, as well as how to pack it, unpack it, and move it safely between locations. A professional piano mover will provide these details before taking your piano into the truck. Be sure to get this information from more than one person.

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Keep in mind that there is more than just the flat, or upright piano. There are grand, cabinet, and sideboard models. Know the difference between these types. Get an estimate (before the movers arrive) for the total cost of the moving process. Add the flat, upright, and sideboard prices to this total to get a rough estimate of the overall cost.

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Determine the total number of hours it will take to transport your piano transport long distances. This will depend on several factors, including the weight, distance, speed, and difficulty of loading and transporting. For instance, transporting a three-cell upright piano (which is fairly light) from one spot in the city to another (which involves a long distance driving) may take up to six hours.

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Compare prices with local movers and brokers. Find out how much they will charge for transporting your instrument long distances and for short distances. Ask if they will cover any customs fees or licensing fees. Find out if they have special insurance for antique instruments. If you are not moving the instrument over great distances, consider whether they have door-to-door moving trucks or have access to a storage facility while they transport your instrument.

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Professional movers who offer door-to-door service will provide special padded music pads for your instrument. These special padded music pads will protect your instrument against scratches and bumps that could damage your instrument if it were handled improperly. They will also provide special covers to protect the lower joints of the lid and lower corners of the box. In addition, they will fit small and large box drums so that they can fit securely in the truck or dolly used to transport the instrument.