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If you think you can move a couch on your own, think again. As seen in the clip below: judging from the shortage of moving techniques and equipment, assume the people in the above video weren’t expert movers. Although they were not professionals, that poorly innocent couch did not need to die an ignominious death.

The proper couch-moving technique involves careful planning. All too often, people get into the practice of just driving their furniture from one place to another. While couches are easy to move, other furniture like TVs, beds, chairs, and wardrobes are much larger and more challenging to move. Professional movers offer the following tips for how to move a couch successfully.

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When you are ready to move a couch, the first thing you will want to do is to decide where you want to move the sofa. It is important that you determine a definite date in which you will move the couch to ensure that the couches are not being made to be moved around with little notice. As stated earlier, when dealing with large couches, it is important that you plan to move them at a specific date in order for them to be prepared when you do. You can also save valuable time by choosing a moving date when most people are out of town.

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In addition, most movers recommend renting a large truck rather than renting a truck specifically for moving couches. Renting a large truck will allow you to protect the couch against any bumps or scrapes which may occur during the move. Also, renting a truck will allow you to protect the cushions from damage. Most people who rent large trucks have a variety of cushions and blankets stored inside. When a move is necessary, it is often much easier to simply remove these items than it would be to move all of the cushions and blankets.

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If you are planning a couch moving company, make sure that they will provide you with a packing list. The packing list should include details about the type of cushions and blankets being packed. Make sure that you pack everything in a plastic bag so that nothing goes to waste. If you rent a moving company, ask if they provide tape to help seal the plastic baggies. A few people like to buy several small rolls of tape in case they run out of tape during the move.

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When planning your couch moving, you should ensure that you provide another person with the keys to your home. There are many instances where movers mistakenly give the keys to the other person or fail to provide a vehicle to safely transport your items. The other person is there for two reasons: safety and a sense of urgency. Providing someone with the ability to reach you in case of an emergency or when another person needs help is always a good idea.

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One of the most important things to consider when searching for a quality couch moving service is their ability to use high quality equipment. The type of equipment that movers use will determine how fast and how efficiently they move your belongings. Many movers will rent equipment such as dollies, rollers, and furniture blankets. However, there are some companies that will not rent or offer equipment for such uses. Before hiring movers, ask whether or not they rent equipment or if they plan on using their own equipment.

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Perhaps the simplest way to move a couch into your new place of residence is to simply move it. In this case, all you will need to do is ask a friend or family member to help. Have them take the couch into the garage or driveway, load it into their vehicle, drive it down, and then bring it back. This option is certainly cheaper than hiring movers to do the job for you. However, if time is an issue, or if the other person does not have a lot of experience with these types of moves, it may be best to hire professionals to do the job for you.