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Moving a hot tub is a major concern for many homeowners. The high price of moving a hot tub from one location to another can add up quickly. While it may be cheaper to hire moving experts, they can also add up to a large expenditure when the job is done improperly or not at all. Here are some simple but important tips to keep in mind while moving hot tubs.

It is advisable to find the best moving company available when you decide to move a hot tub. There are many different types of hot tub movers available today. The cost of moving a hot tub from one location to another can range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. When you consider other additional expenses added because of factors such as distance, height, labor cost, the city you reside in, all could add up to more than $ 1000 quite quickly.

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The first step to consider before moving is how to move a hot tub on a wooden deck. Hot tubs are usually placed on a wooden deck, which is supported by concrete. If the deck is built improperly it could collapse and cause damage to your beautiful hot tub. First try to determine where you would like to place the deck. If you have the proper support then that would be the best step, but if not the following steps may help.

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To determine the best way to move a hot tub onto a wooden deck, the first step is to assess how much space you have available. It is best to have enough space to allow the moving company to place all of your things properly. When you have determined the amount of space you have available the next step is to select a deck to use. There are many moving companies who offer both portable and permanent models so it is best to contact several different companies and get an estimate based on the services they offer.

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Once the estimates are back contact the specialist furniture moving company. The specialists will assess the situation and find out what is the best way to move the hot tub on a wooden deck. Depending on how large the hot tub is and how many trees you need to cross, and the amount of weight you have to remove from the vehicle will depend on how quickly the movers can move your hot tub. Moving companies charge based on the weight of the items they have to move, so if you have a very heavy appliance or many boxes it may be better financially for you to call a local moving company.

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The United States Department of Transportation does have information about moving companies. To contact them you can go to their website or call their offices. The office numbers are available in the yellow pages of your telephone book under “movingshrink.” If you are looking for temporary movers you can use the internet to find a local moving company.

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When your hot tub is transported you want to make sure that all of the accessories are replaced in the same order as the unit was removed. This is essential to properly move the spa. If any spa parts are damaged while in transit they will have to be removed and reinstalled before the movers get your spa into your new home. The moving process usually takes one day on average but movers can make a longer journey if necessary.

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In order to remove your spa from the deck, you will need to secure the straps around the spa and then lower it onto the steps or ramps that are provided. The hot tubs are secured to the rails with bolts. They can sometimes be lowered by lifting the rail above the stairs. Hot tub stairs can be slippery, so it is important to be careful when removing them. After the stairs are removed the spa can be lowered down the stairs to the ground level and left there to dry. Some spas have a slide door in the center which allows you to slide the spa into place and lock the door for storage during the move.