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Moving the Mattress is not the same as moving a couch or futon. Moving a mattress is one that stands true to the name. It’s a large heavy plastic bag all rolled up to put your mattress inside. Mattresses are very fragile items, and they need special handling, not to mention, they must be moved quite frequently if they’re going to be able to stay in tip-top shape for a long time. So, what is the best way to move a mattress?

If this is your first time experiencing the phrase “moving a mattress,” then let me tell you that mattress moving straps are what is used to help secure your bed. Mattresses are pretty heavy, and just the weight can cause your old mattress to shake or rock, even when it’s not being moved. You would not like to wake up to find your ceiling already beaming with fresh air, only to roll out of bed to find that the floor is a mushy heap. In addition, a mattress moving strap helps to hold your mattress steady.

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Mattress moving straps are very common means of transporting mattresses in many cases. There are many reasons to choose a mattress moving straps over traditional moving boxes or furniture carriers. First of all, they come already attached to the bed, so there’s no need to unpack everything and figure out how to set it all up again. This makes transporting your bed much easier on your part. Second, many people who choose a portable moving van choose to use these same beds because the frame is often much higher than the box, meaning it won’t be rolling around on the ground while transporting.

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If you have a truck, there are many different options for moving mattresses. The best way to get your mattress safely to the new home you’re moving into is to simply hire a reputable, experienced truck driver to move your mattress and other items in and out of the truck bed. If you do choose to use a trailer, make sure the bed of the truck is wider than what is needed to handle your mattresses and other possessions. The back end of a truck is often hard-packed dirt and grime ground into place, and this often clogs the bed of the truck, requiring a large amount of cleaning afterwards.

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One of the least favorite ways to move a mattress is by using tape. I don’t care how many safety guidelines you read, or how many recommendations you read, I still can’t stress enough the value in never using tape to move a mattress. I’m sure you’ve seen countless examples of people wrapping duct tape around the spring of a bed in an effort to hold it in place, but even if the tape did work, the springs would eventually break and the mattress would be at risk of being punctured. The chances are even worse if the tape was stuck to the side of the spring.

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A lot of people also try using non-skid moving mats, which help with the moving process, but if you pay any attention to interior design at all, you’ve likely seen how easy they are to damage. I’m not going to say that moving mats are bad per se, but many people use them and simply do not understand the danger they present. I would much rather pay more to have movers do the job, because it will be done right, every time. I’m not saying that moving boxes aren’t a good idea, and in some cases they are, just don’t use them. Mattress frames are strong and sturdy, and if you’re planning to replace a mattress in the future, they will last for years.

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So, moving house, no doubt you’re very busy and time is of the essence. You need to get the mattresses, the boxes, and the furniture into the new house. How are you going to do this? By simply moving them. If they can’t move them on their own, how are you ever going to let them out of the moving truck and into your new home? That could be a dangerous scenario.

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Even though I’m pretty sure that most people would prefer to have professional movers do all of their mattress moving, it’s just too costly. There is a solution that is relatively inexpensive, but still very reliable. If you’re someone who is very busy and needs to move a mattress, you might as well carry mattress topper. These can often be found for under $50 and are extremely convenient. They have wheels so you can move the toppers around and not have to worry about them getting damaged, they are durable, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking and injuring anyone while transporting it either.