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Long distance moving is an easy task if you have all the proper resources. Movin’s will save you time and money; and the more resources you have available to you, the faster and easier the move will be. Here are some of the common pitfalls facing those who are moving long distance.

The first and most important step is making sure that your belongings will fit through the doors of your new home. There are many limits to the size of load that a truck or moving van can carry, so it is best to call around and find out what kind of restrictions your new residence has regarding moving boxes and furniture. If there is a weight limit, that will be posted in the yard of your new home, and it’s important that you keep within that weight limit. It can be difficult to move huge boxes, but if you make a list of the furniture and appliances that you have, then you will be better prepared. Call around and get all the moving company quotes for the largest load you are able to handle.

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Once you have a list of the things that you need moved, call your moving company. Make sure that the representative you speak with knows exactly what you want moving where, and that the representative is aware of any limitations in the region you are moving to. It’s best to have a representative from each company to meet with you before the move in order to discuss the best way to pack and unpack once the movers leave. You’ll want to be sure that your new home is ready to receive your belongings before the time of your move.

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The next big thing is packing. If you are moving across a long distance, you will likely be packing your belongings more than if you were simply moving into a new house. There are boxes for everything and anything that you could possibly imagine. You may only have room for a few boxes or you may need many boxes. Regardless, it’s good to know that there is a place for everything and that there are pros and cons for every type of move.

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The first consideration for long distance moving is packing in a way that protects you as much as possible. A good professional will use heavy duty plastic boxes that are spill proof. These boxes should also be secured by a sturdy tape or something similar. Don’t try and do your own packing, it’s too important not to do so.

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The next big concern for those doing long distance moving is getting help. The majority of people who try to move their own stuff usually end up bumbling around and messing things up. This is why you might want to enlist the help of family or friends to help with the move. You will be able to share ideas on how to best pack, where to put certain items, etc. This person will also be able to give you pointers on what boxes to keep and which should be thrown away.

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Long distance moving companies tend to charge more than local moving companies for their services. However, there are pros and cons to both. For one, the moving company can come and move your belongings for a fee, whereas you may have to hire your own workers. Also, moving companies are typically faster, have better equipment, and have security measures.

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Finally, the most important thing for anyone considering long distance moving is to be prepared. Make sure you are packing your most valuable items, such as jewelry and money. Don’t pack less because you think you won’t need it. Secure your items before the move and check them off as they are packed. Have a plan of action and have enough time to get the job done.