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To locate local movers with your important possessions, simply follow some simple guidelines: Step 1: Ask around to friends, colleagues or family members if any of them have used the services of any local movers. In fact, word-of-mouth referrals of local movers can really save you loads of time in search for a relocation service. If they haven’t, it’s still a good way to get referrals from people who’ve had a good experience with the company.

Tip: Use the internet to research prices. You will probably find moving companies that offer competitive prices. Do not hesitate to ask for quotes from more than one moving company. Although prices are usually listed on their websites, it’s still possible for the quoted price to vary in any given moving company. If you’re going to make the interstate relocation, make sure that you don’t end up paying more than what you expect.

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Tip: Use a local moving service if you are relocating to a different city. Rather than relying on long distance to deliver your belongings, contact local movers to help you with the packing and loading. They can also help you with unloading your belongings at the new home. This helps you save money on gas. Plus, a local moving service can properly load your belongings so that they will be ready to ship when you arrive at your new home.

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Tip: Be prepared. There is nothing worse than moving day. You wake up in the morning and start preparing for your move only to realize later on that everything you packed has been forgotten. It is very common for local movers to make last minute changes to their packing lists. So it is important that you know what you packed even weeks before moving day. Make sure you check with your local movers about how much packing you will need to do.

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Tip: Plan ahead. Local movers suggest that you plan for anything that could go wrong during your move. A lot of stressful moves are caused by unforeseen problems or by not being prepared. A moving checklist is the best way to be prepared for all potentials during your move.

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Tip: Store valuables separately. It can be very easy for you to get emotionally involved with your relocation and take your things with you no matter where you move. But your valuables should be protected. Even if you are just packing and unpacking, it is not a good idea to take jewelry, electronics, and other valuables out of your house. This is especially true for office relocation, since you are likely not going to keep your office furniture in a box.

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Tip: Always have cotton gloves handy. Do you really need to have your hands full with moving supplies and equipment? Hiring a moving service makes it easier but you have to consider if the risk is worth it. Studies show that you are five times more likely to suffer an injury while carrying non-precautionary items than you are when you carry all your things by yourself.

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Moving stress is another way that moving companies are trying to reduce their stress load. They often schedule a move on weekdays so that you do not have to deal with moving day. This helps to keep you mentally focused on the other aspects of your life when you are dealing with moving household goods. So, if you plan to hire a local moving service do so for added peace of mind and less stress when you are packing.

Tip: Pack your belongings properly. Even if you have had your stuff moved professionally they will still pack your belongings differently than home. Hiring a moving company will make it easier for them to pack but it is important that you follow some basic packing guidelines so that your big day goes off without a hitch.

Tip: Start packing early. Some people think that moving day is when their belongings need to be packed but that is not true. You can start packing up as soon as one week before your moving sale. Just because you have a small closet in your new office does not mean that you cannot organize your stuff. The most important aspect of packing is being organized so that you can reach all of your belongings easily when you start unpacking at the end of the day.

Tip: Have someone help you with your packing. A local moving service will be able to help you with your packing so that you can avoid the extra work. They will also have their moving boxes handy in case you need to store anything for the duration of the move. This way you won’t have to do any of the lifting and will be able to focus on unpacking with ease. Having someone around for support during the moving process will make the process go smoothly.