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Piano moving is a big job and not a do-it-yourself activity. So, if you want to learn how to move a piano, you should first be sure of how far you need to go to get it across the distance from one place to another. The best way to estimate this is by consulting the local piano movers about the local rates. These companies quote local prices on moving a piano from place A to place B. If hiring three individuals for the move, the cost can go up to $400 per hr.

The local move cost also includes other expenses like insurance, packing materials, etc. If you are using a local piano mover, find out whether they charge extra for this service. Also, find out how long will it take them to pack your pianos and arrange them for local transportation. You may need to pay them with a credit card or cheque for the full amount. It is better to know how long local movers will take to pack and transport your pianos.

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Calculate the Total Cost for Long-Distance Piano Moving Now, we can calculate how much does it cost to move a piano over short distances. This depends mainly on the total number of piano pieces that have to be moved. The number of movers needed would determine the price of each item. And, there are several ways to determine the total number of pianos that have to be moved. The total cost would include the local move, long-distance move and insurance.

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Hiring Professional Movers If you are ready to take the pain of moving your piano, hiring professional movers is perhaps the best option for you. However, you need to make sure that you contact a reliable and trustworthy moving company that has years of experience in moving pianos. A reputed moving company would not only ensure that all items are carried in a proper way but also offer insurance against any damage to the property during the move. Moving companies are professionals who have the knowledge about the appropriate measures to be taken when moving pianos. They also use advanced technology to ensure that the move goes smoothly.

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Renting a Podium Or Using Podiums There are a lot of people who decide to rent a piano or a pedestal for the move. Piano rental companies usually provide affordable rentals for big and tall instruments such as upright pianos. Podiums are strong and durable and so they can withstand any kind of stress without causing any damage to the instrument. You can easily rent a piano or a pedestal without causing any damage.

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Renting Stands or Dollies If you want to save some bucks, you can rent some upright piano dollies rather than buying one. A dolly is similar to a stool but it is slightly smaller and it comes with shoulder straps. It is very convenient to use, lightweight and very safe to move. You can easily fold the dolly and store it in a small place without disturbing the piano’s foundation. The compact size makes it perfect to take along while traveling.

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Skid Boards and Ladders These are a must during any kind of moving project. In fact, most piano movers prefer to use skid boards and ladders during the move. Piano skids are made of heavy duty steel and they can hold the upright piano perfectly. You just need to re