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Moving the refrigerator from one room to another is often difficult. It requires precise planning to get all objects inside the fridge intact and in good condition. Refrigerator Moving is a difficult task and requires lots of expertise, timing, manpower, skill and precaution. Before starting off with refrigerator moving, it is necessary to know certain facts about the appliance and the procedure involved. A moving checklist can be used to organize moving the fridges safely and securely.

Refrigerator Moving Checklist – consists of two hours worth of work. This involves loading, unloading and stacking the fridges. You need to consider some factors like – placement of the refrigerator on the ground, whether you want to use screws or nails for securing the appliances together, what will be moved around etc. Once all these questions are answered then only two hours of work are needed for refrigerator moving.

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It is important that you take proper care when moving the fridges to avoid damage. If you wish to use the services of professional movers for refrigerator moving, they provide all the precautions to ensure safety and well being of your appliances. When you contact professional movers, they provide the complete moving checklist for refrigerator moving. They also use specialized tools and equipment for the job, so that there is no extra stress on the part of the moving crew. The movers use special equipment to lift the refrigerator and position it on the ground properly.

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The first step in the procedure of how to move a refrigerator is to mark the location of the damaged appliance with black marker. You need to mark the location so that you know what has to be done for each area of the appliance. Marking the areas on the appliance with black marker does not mean that you have to replace the damaged part.

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The next step is to remove the door from the refrigerator and unscrew it from the hinges. Now you can start removing the various parts of the refrigerator. There are usually many screws and brackets on the appliance. The movers will guide you so that you can remove as many screws as possible without damaging the wall or any other parts of the wall.

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After removing all the parts from the refrigerator, you should secure them with the help of the screws that are provided with the appliance. However, before you begin to secure the appliance, it is important to plug all the electrical wires and compressors. After securing them, you should reconnect all the electrical wires and put them back in their original position. After the refrigerator moving is completed, you can clean the wall properly so that you do not face any damage. The next thing that you need to do is to plug the compressor back.

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However, prior to starting the compressor, you should turn on the thermostat and set it for the cold Samakrature. After the compressor is started, you should close all the doors and windows. Now you should slowly turn on the compressor and move it up and down. When you are done with this step, you can take out the doors and windows so that the refrigerator can be fully moved up and down.

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It is also important to keep in mind that the most important step when you want to relocate your fridge is to pay attention to the securing methods. You have to secure the walls of the fridge and then you should place the ratchet straps and packing tape on the edges of the refrigerator. When you are doing this process, it is important to cover all the edges of the fridge with packing tape. Now you can remove the refrigerator from the place and then you should turn on the ratchet straps and start pulling the refrigerator towards the new location.