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When you hear the words “Piano moving”, what comes to your mind? Do you picture lumberjacks and their large pieces of furniture being dragged across the yard, or do you picture a small group of people moving an upright piano across the town or state? If you think of the moving of pianos as a physically demanding job, you’re right! Piano moving might conjure up visions of men with giant torsos and lumbering arms, but really two or three average individuals of average build are able to do many piano moving tasks even if they do have a little experience, the proper tools, and a good understanding of when and where to use a bit of force. In fact, you can perform many piano moving tasks by yourself without using any specialized tools at all-assuming that you have access to someone who’s properly trained and knows how to do it safely.

Many piano movers will simply drag the piano up and down the stairs in order to move it safely, but you don’t need professional grade equipment to move this piece of furniture. You might need only a sturdy chair and some sturdy rope or duct tape to help you carry the piano down the stairs. As long as you know how to move a piano using basic dolly piano moving equipment, then you’ll be able to successfully move this big musical instrument with relative ease. Even if you’re moving larger and bulkier items such as upright pianos or large console pianos, you won’t need special dolly piano moving equipment to get the job done. All you need is a strong chair, some dolly tracks (for sliding the dolly along the floor), and some strong piano strings.

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Of course, you will also need to have some type of support while you move your piano – either on skid board or a simple set of piano dolly wheels. One of the most common pieces of piano moving equipment is a skid board. A skid board can be used for just about anything when you’re moving a piano; you simply need a strong skid board and sturdy legs. The stronger the legs of the skid board the better – and the more support it will provide you while you move your big piano across the floor.

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