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Furniture moving companies are needed more now than ever. There are a lot of items that need to be moved and delivered. These items can range from old furniture from people’s houses to furniture that is completely new. Whatever it may be, there are certain steps involved in moving the furniture to the new home or office.

When looking for a moving company, you need one that will ensure the safe transportation of all your items in an early manner. This ensures that you are able to get set up within your new place with as little downtime as possible. Here are some Furniture Moving Tips to help you with this important step.

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Find a professional mover that has experience moving furniture within your area. While there are several good moving truck services available, they are not all legitimate. It is essential that the mover you hire is insured, bonded and licensed. This also ensures that the job is completed in a professional manner.

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Ask questions before any moving begins. Furniture moving experts can recommend different options that will ensure your items make it to the new house in one piece. One of the most popular options is stretch wrap. This is ideal for items such as recliners, sofas and other large furniture. Stretch wrap is the safest method of moving furniture because the movers will surround the item in an extremely strong cover to ensure it does not break or move about during the move.

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Ask questions about the specific weight limit for each piece. For large items such as couches and recliners, the weight should be no less than 55 pounds. Any heavier may strain the arms of the movers or even cause damages to vital household components. Furniture moving companies should be able to give you the weight limit for each piece. This is the best way to ensure the items you are moving will arrive safely at your new home.

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A good moving service should offer at least one moving blanket for clients. Many people mistakenly believe that a moving blanket is simply a fancy name for plastic garbage bags. However, these blankets are extremely useful during transportation of furniture. Moving blankets allow furniture to be placed in the back of a moving truck and then taken to the new home without worrying about scratching, denting or even damaging the item. If the furniture is protected by moving blankets, moving trucks will not damage the items during the move.

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Furniture padding is another useful product that a good moving company should offer. Furniture padding is used to help prevent damage during the move from normal, hard use. Furniture padding consists of a thick rubberized cushioning that helps prevent damage to any part of the large furniture item across the moving process. Furniture padding helps prevent warping, cracking, or buckling of the large furniture items. This prevents the damage from occurring and allows it to last longer than usual.

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Furniture padding comes in a variety of forms. Some forms include pillows, mats, and covers. All forms of furniture padding are designed to protect the large furniture item across the move and help it to last longer than usual. Furniture moving services should be able to give you complete information on the different types of protective furniture padding they offer. This information is important because it allows customers to make an informed decision about which moving services offer the best type of protection for their appliances.

Another aspect to keep in mind about using furniture pads is that they can save people money. Furniture movers will charge a higher fee for moving large items, but people can save money by hiring professional movers instead. The amount of money that movers will charge is based on the type of item and the estimated distance moved. The longer the distance the more money the professional movers will charge.

When moving furniture within a small town, or even a smaller city, many people choose to rent a truck. This is often a good choice if you do not have experience moving large pieces of furniture within a city. Renting a truck is also an option if the professional movers you are using do not provide the trucks. Renting a truck is easy because many rental companies will deliver the furniture within the city to your new location. It is important that you check with the rental company about their shipping rates before making the reservation because they can often be quite high.

No matter what type of furniture removal, residential or commercial, using furniture padding will greatly reduce the moving cost. Furniture pads are made from thick plastic material and they provide an extra layer of cushioning for any fragile piece of furniture. They can also be used to protect furniture from scratches and dents so that the piece of furniture does not have to be completely replaced after the move. Professional movers can provide more detailed information about moving blankets and furniture pads.