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The challenges of couch moving may range from needing to determine whether or not to move your couch in advance to how to move and protect the heavy moving furniture piece without causing some damage to it or even to the house you are leaving behind. Couch moving can be done without the use of special moving equipment, but can still be a time-consuming process as many moving companies will want to know ahead of time how to move a couch so they will know what the best method is. When hiring movers, it is important to do as much research as possible into how the company you hire will do its job. Are they insured and bonded? What kind of experience do they have? The more experience the movers have, the smoother the move will go on.

How to move a couch begins with finding a moving company that is properly insured and bonded. The best way to determine this is by asking people who have moved recently what their experience was like with the company they chose. For instance, if friends have moved recently and had no problems with either the movers or the furniture, you can rest assured that they will provide you with satisfactory results. However, it is important to note that if friends have only moved a couch or two, you should consider the company’s record on larger couches, such as queen or king sized couches.

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Licensed movers are required by law to be bonded and insured. They are required to undergo background checks and to obtain certain certifications before they can legally serve as movers around the country. The movers that are licensed to adhere to the most stringent-moving standards. Therefore, you should only choose a couch moving service that has the necessary licensing and insurance requirements.

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Once you have found a company that has all of these things in order, the next step in couch moving is to prepare the couches. Many people like to decorate their sofas before the move, but you may want to start the job a little earlier so that you have more time to do all of the small things necessary to prepare your couch for the big day. Start with a clean floor, which will serve as a surface for the moving van to slide onto. Before you do this however, be sure to remove any personal items from the couch, such as pictures and any valuable memorabilia. Also, remove any of the cushions from the sofas.

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When the couch has been prepared, you can begin the process of moving it to your new home. Start off by removing the removable hardwood backstretch from the bottom rear of the couch. This will keep the couch in place when it is being moved. After the backstretch is removed, the sofa can be un-holstered and any cushions removed. It is now time to locate all of the straps that are attached to the bottom of the couch. The straps should be located near the floor or wherever the bottom of the couch will be laid on.

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Now it is time for you to strap the sofas into the straps that are located on the floor. Care should be taken at this point because the bottom of the couch could be extremely slick when the professional movers get to it. The most important thing is to make sure that the straps are tight enough that no another person could slide out from underneath you. Some people prefer to sit on top of the sofa while others prefer to lie down under the couch. No matter which method you choose, be sure to keep your arms and legs inside of the box.

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Once you have the couches in place, all you need to do is find an exit path for your move. It is imperative that the exit path is straight so that you do not fall off of the couch or lose your items. You may also want to consider making your move during the day if there are no streetlights in the area where you are moving. If there are any streetlights in the move area, you want to consider making your exit at the end of the road or at the closest entrance to the street.

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When you are learning how to move a couch through the most difficult rooms of your home, you will find that moving the couch through even a tight stairway or hallway can sometimes be a little bit difficult. The best way to handle a stairwell or hallway is to use the furniture dolly that is provided by professionals when you are moving a couch. This small piece of furniture is designed to help you with each of the steps associated with moving a couch up or down stairs. The dolly helps you move the furniture slowly through the hall or stairway, and you do not have to worry about stumbling or falling. This small apparatus is also useful when you have to move someone else’s furniture or a large piece of furniture. It saves you the trouble of lifting the heavy item up on your own.