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Hiring moving and storage services is often the best choice for long distance moving. Unlike many moving companies, moving services that offer long distance moving can move you at any time, a week, or when you are ready. Many movers offer flexible moving plans so you can adjust your moving date to fit your needs. You can store your belongings in portable containers so you’re not forced to worry about where you’re going to store the moving boxes once they are delivered. If you require more than a week or two to store your belongings, you can contact the moving company to find out their preferred method of storage.

Movers who offer temporary storage for long distance moves can help with all of your long distance move-related needs. Store room and move-in crates, storage lockers, and temporary storage units are just some of the features that movers can provide. Temporary storage helps you avoid the additional expense of renting a new home and/or dealing with all the headaches associated with moving day.

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Storing and moving boxes during a long-distance move can be a chSunsetge. When you are trying to move across state lines or from a different city to a different town, you may not have access to a lot of space. That’s why moving company options for long distance moves are so helpful. Moving and storage companies can deliver new home-type moving boxes with enough space to hold all of your belongings.

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As far as scoring goes, your local moving company will likely provide several options for you. One popular storage option is local storage. Many local moving and storage services offer storage at their facilities in your local area. Depending on your storage needs, you may be able to have your moving boxes picked up and dropped off to your local moving company. This is a great way to go, since it allows you to keep track of your belongings and you can call a moving company if necessary.

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Another storage option is hiring a loading and unloading company for your move. This can be a good idea, particularly if you plan on relocating with your belongings for part or all of the trip. Loading and unloading (LDO) services are provided by many moving and storage companies. The good news is that these services are usually very affordable, especially when you consider the time and effort it takes to load and unload your possessions when you move.

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Full-service moving companies are probably the best choice for full-service moving and storage. If you do plan on relocating full-time with your belongings, then you can simply hire one of these full-service movers and leave the storage of your items to them. In most cases, you can pick-up the container at your new home and the movers will return to your location and pick-up the container once your belongings are loaded into it. Then, you load everything back into the container and drive it to your new home. This option is much more convenient than the other options, since you do not have to load the container, load it, drive it, and then put everything back inside before leaving your home.

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However, if you plan on relocating part-time, you can also call around to different moving storage locations to see if they provide full-service picking-up and loading. You will probably pay a little bit more per day or per truck, but it can save you a lot of time. You will just need to call around to see if they are open for business at the time you will need the service. In some instances, the store might be open but the movers, packers, and trucks are not, so you can save money by taking advantage of this option.

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Portable storage pods are another popular way to move your belongings when moving and storing your things. Portable pods are simply containers that you can load onto a flatbed truck or van, drive across town to your new home, load the pod, and then drive the pod back to your home. The great thing about portable pods is that there is usually no charge for the pod, so it is a very cheap method of moving your things. Some people choose to rent the pods until they run out, but that is not necessary. The pods are a great way to move your things if you are moving and storing a large amount of things, if your things do not have to go with you when you move, and if space in your current home is limited. Portable pods are popular because they are convenient, they are effective, and they are affordable.