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Furniture deliveries have always been an expensive venture, but in today’s times with the economic downturn many businesses have gone out of business. So instead of having to re-stocks their entire stock of furniture moving companies have decided to reduce the amount of furniture they deliver. As a result many furniture delivery services have had to scale back their activities and some may not be able to deliver furniture at all. This is when you need to know how to move furniture yourself and save money. In most cases you can deliver furniture on your own, if you want to save time and money then read on.

How to move furniture yourself If you want to move furniture yourself then the first thing that you will need to do is make sure that you are going to have enough manpower and transportation capabilities. Usually furniture stores will charge an assembly fee for delivery as well as an additional flat rate for delivery. In this instance, the individual delivering the furniture is likely to only get a fraction of the total delivery charge. That’s why it’s often thought of as common practice to tip a furniture delivery personnel as well as the delivery truck driver as a means of ensuring they’re being paid well for their efforts. This isn’t illegal, however if you do not wish to tip anyone then don’t include this information with your final bill.

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Furniture deliveries have become a bit more popular over the last few years and with this increase, a new term has risen; self-packing furniture. The new term stands for “packing and moving without the help of a furniture delivery service”. So instead of paying a furniture delivery company for a group of furniture pieces, you pay a self-packager who then boxes up the furniture pieces and delivers them to your new home. As previously stated, some self-packing companies charge a small delivery fee, but it is still much less than what furniture movers would charge, and so in the long run can save you some serious money.

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Another popular method of furniture delivery used in July is called the custom delivery. This option is available online and through most brick and mortar companies that sell furniture. With the custom delivery option, you are able to choose between full delivery and free shipping when choosing which furniture pieces you want to receive. It is important to keep in mind that both full and free shipping will require that you pick the furniture at your house, which could take anywhere from two to four working days. If you are pressed for time then be sure to arrange extra pick-up times.

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Some people prefer to use same-day delivery. Sometime in July many furniture delivery companies offer same-day delivery. Same-day delivery requires that the furniture delivery team deliver your order to your home within the same day. Furniture companies may require that you have picked up the furniture within five to seven days of receiving it if you are using this same-day delivery option. Be sure to ask the furniture delivery company what exact time frame they require so you can place your order accordingly.

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One of the biggest perks to furniture shipping is that you are able