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If you want to relocate a pool table or other heavy equipment, then it is highly recommended to have expert assistance. When you’re dealing with highly sensitive, heavy, bulky and extremely large objects such as pool tables and other piano equipments, you need professional assistance. When you get Pool Table Moving Tips from licensed movers, you will minimize the danger of accidents and damages.

First of all, you should know that the move is one of the most complicated jobs and involves several steps. It may not only involve shifting the weight but also packing the object. Professionals have appropriate tools and skilled moving skills to properly pack and move the items. Therefore, before you decide to shift, it is advisable to contact and hire the best moving company. Here are some of the Pool Table Moving Tips that you should consider when shifting or moving your pool table in order to avoid damage.

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The first step of Pool Table Moving Tips is proper packing of the item. It is highly recommended to hire the best movers who are experts in packing different types of pool tables. While determining the size and type of cartons to use for packing the item, you should determine the weight of the item and the total weight of the entire moving truck. Based on this information, the moving truck’s capacity should be determined. If you don’t have any idea about the weight of the item or you don’t have enough experience in packing, then you should opt for professional movers.

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Next step of Pool Table Moving Tips is determining the location where you would like to locate the moving company. Before contacting and hiring the movers, it is best to make sure that you have arranged with the moving company the start and the end of the moving process so as to avoid having delays in the moving process. You should also make sure that the company is licensed and professional. It is important that the workers and the equipment used in the moving process are reliable to ensure that the items being moved will reach its destination safely. Therefore, prior to the moving process you should check with the moving company if the drivers will be working with jackhammers or cranes.

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Once the Pool Table Moves is complete, disassemble and assemble the pieces one by one. In doing so, you should remember not to move disassembled tables individually. This is because disassembling requires you to break them down into smaller pieces. This will enable you to disassemble each piece separately and put them back together according to the location where you want to place them after the move. You should also take note that in most cases, pools tables are assembled in a disassembled state until they reach their destination.

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The next difficult task in pool table moving is putting them back together once you have transported them to their final destination. However, you should note that there are some pool tables which are manufactured in a way that they can easily disassemble themselves when you place them back together. If you encounter this problem, then you should purchase pool tables of such kind so as to eliminate the problem.

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The third step in learning how to move a pool table is assembling the ball pockets. There are two pockets located in the corners of the table; however, it is advisable to learn how to move the pockets in clockwise and anti-clockwise manner. For this, you should disassemble the pockets, take out all the parts and assemble them back into the original position. On the other hand, in case you disassemble them in an opposite manner, the balls would spin in the opposite direction.

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The fourth and last step in the pool table moving process is disassembling the frame before moving it. The frame contains screws and various nuts. While some of these nuts are located at the back or front of the frame, others are located at the sides. In order to ensure that your move is safe, it is advised to only disassemble the frame when you already know the distance between the new location of the pool table and the disassembled spot. For this reason, most movers prefer to have a general idea of the distance between the disassembled spot where the pool table will be positioned before starting with the disassembly process.