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When furniture moving becomes an unavoidable task, whether it’s because you’ve acquired another set of legs, acquired a beloved chair that just doesn’t fit in your new apartment anymore, or you’re moving a prized antique that has been in your family for generations, rest assured that Great Men is there to help. Great Men helps you find furniture movers nearby you, so that you don’t need to struggle up the stairs or tear down the porch door on your own. A reliable network of local movers will also assist with your other furniture moving needs such as from in-house furniture rearrangement to long-distance shipping of your treasured pieces to a different home across the country. Once you’ve found a reliable company, follow these Great Men’s Furniture Moving Tips to ensure the move of your life goes as smoothly as possible.

Tip One: Get Your House Ready Before You Move Furniture. If your floors and walls aren’t ready to be moved, don’t use furniture sliders. Use caution when operating your sliders, and don’t try to move furniture in a circular motion, either. Make sure your walls, floor, and ceiling are prepared for the move. This will make things go more smoothly and keep you from wasting any time or energy moving things around which may result in damages.

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Tip Two: Find Good Furniture Sliders After finding the right company, call or check your local Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints about the company or the furniture gliders they provide. Make sure you test each piece out with a friend or family member before you move the furniture; you’ll want to be able to test the sliders safely. Furniture gliders are heavy and can tip over if not used properly, so use them with care. There have been numerous cases when people have dropped their pieces of furniture gliders while using them improperly, leading to broken legs, bruises, or even fatalities.

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Tip Three: Use Floors and Basins for Furniture Items Moving. Whether moving a single chair or an entire home, it’s important that you use quality moving blankets, mattress pads, and floor mats during the move. Floor mats and furniture blankets can protect beds, couches, chairs, and tables from hard surfaces and heavy objects. They also make moving the heavier furniture items easier by providing softer surfaces.

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Tip Four: Keep Your Furniture Safe When moving. Never lift heavy furniture off the ground. Always use furniture sliders whenever possible for extra protection on your furniture legs. Some models of furniture sliders fold down when not in use, protecting the bottom of furniture legs and allowing you to slide the furniture onto the floor easily. If you cannot find suitable furniture sliders during the move, consider renting one or renting a chair for the move to prevent damage to your furniture during transportation.

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Tip Five: Keep Dust Off Your Furniture Items. To keep furniture from looking worn, cover the furniture with a protective sheet after each use. You may also want to vacuum the furniture regularly to pick up dust. Another great idea is to let professional movers use furniture pads between moves. Furniture pads are extremely