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Local movers provide a service that is not provided by companies that are far away. Local moving prices are often much less expensive than moving prices provided by companies that are located thousands of miles away. It is also possible to move using local moving companies even if you do not have a lot of space to spare because many movers will provide packing materials and have special boxes designed for very large or small moves. Here are a few moving tips to consider before choosing a local mover.

Renters often need to relocate into a smaller home or condominium in order to accommodate more people or a pet or two. If a number of people are moving in with the same amount of furniture, it can be difficult to find a local moving company that can accommodate all of the furniture and appliances. Local movers will charge an average of one flat rate which usually includes the trucks, equipment, miscellaneous items, and a small moving truck. The more moving supplies or moving trucks needed for the entire move, the more the average price will be.

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An example of a flat rate would be a single truck moving estimate for a 500 square feet of property. A standard truck rental is typically between one and two hours long. The actual time frame will depend upon the type of equipment and other variables such as traffic conditions and parking restrictions. Another factor in the flat rate would be the estimated weight of the belongings being moved. The heavier the items being moved, the more the average cost will be for the truck rental.

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Apartment moves are very different from home moves. Apartment moves usually involve a large apartment complex with many different local movers available to complete the move. The single biggest factor for the apartment move will be the amount of furniture being moved and even more so for the large number of apartments involved. The flat rate for an apartment relocate may be based on several factors including the number of units to be relocated, how far the distance is to be divided, and the number of trucks to be used. Most companies will charge a flat rate regardless of whether the move is completed within one day, one week, or one month.

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A large office building usually requires a large delivery vehicle to transport large furniture pieces from the garage to the main floor of the building. Furniture is often very expensive and a local mover simply cannot provide a large enough truck to move all of the furniture at once. There are some mover companies that will offer specific services to specific buildings and floors, such as offices. These services are usually provided at an additional cost.

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Moving an entire apartment or multiple units is much more complicated than simply hiring long-distance mover companies to help relocate your belongings. An apartment move requires a lot more equipment than moving just one unit. A local mover would need to rent a large truck with several employees or staff. Moving large amounts of inventory would require the truck to be outfitted with a loading ramp for loading and offloading the items into the new location. Additionally, the truck would need to be equipped with refrigeration units and other large appliances.

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Hiring a company that will also pack and unload your belongings is less expensive and probably the best way to go if you are considering moving all of your belongings. However, some customers say that hiring this company makes the move easier because the company knows where everything is located when it arrives. It can also be helpful to have a full-service moving company because they know which items should be kept inside the home and which should be left outside. When a company rents equipment they are allowed to keep a certain amount of stock on hand.

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This is a good way to cut down on packing and moving costs if you are going to hire a mover. One last thing to consider before hiring a company is the reputation of the movers in question. You should research local movers and call several companies to find out how their customer service compares to others. You should also check the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the company. Hiring a local mover can make relocating or packing your belongings easy and efficient.