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Piano moving is quite a job in itself and professionals specialize in their field of expertise. A grand piano can weight up to 1350 pounds and go well over a tonnage of 400 pounds. An upright piano can weight up to 650 pounds and can even go over a tonnage of 1300 pounds. At these weights, even a simple move like this can cause serious injury and even death. Long distance piano moving companies are professionals at moving pianos both up and down the roads, whether lugging it long distances or short distances.

When choosing a long distance piano moving companies, the most important thing is to look at their track record and their reputation within the moving industry. If they have never done this type of move before then they should know more than just how to move a piano. You should also ask how they go about transporting and packing the piano. You need to know how fragile the piece of furniture is and how they pack it. In addition, you need to know if they hire professionals or if you have to do it yourself.

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Professional piano moving companies will use skid boards to transfer the piano from its shipping container to your house. The professional companies will also strap each of the piano’s legs securely so that it does not move while being transported. Before any of the piano moving straps are used, they are checked for quality and strength. The piano movers will also inspect each of the skid board straps for cracks and tears.

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If you decide to move the piano yourself, you will need to purchase special equipment to hold and safeguard the piano during the move. There are two types of piano moving straps available. There are the traditional non-slip permanent straps and the newer, more convenient slip-on/swivel straps. Both types are durable and can provide the added protection needed, to prevent accidents. Non-slip and slip on permanent straps are designed to be used over again while the slip-ons are designed to be used once and discarded.

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For a successful DIY piano moving job, you will need to purchase special non-skid skateboards. Skateboards have three different sizes of laces; two smaller sizes for easy movement and one larger size. These non-slip skateboards will keep your hands safe and secure while you are moving the piano skid board from one place to another. When choosing a skateboard to use in your DIY move, be sure to choose one that is designed for the kind of move you plan to make. For example, if you are moving your piano across the city, you would not want to use a cheap skateboard that breaks immediately when you hit a curb.

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If you have decided that this is going to be your home away from home, the next step involves hiring professional piano movers in your area. The pros will be able to supply you with many helpful tools. These include dollies, a hammer, forks, cranes and specialized tools like wedges and rollers. You will also find that many pianos require certain parts to be assembled before they are transported. For instance, you might need to order spare hinges or putty. These pros will know exactly how to move a piano safely and without damaging it.

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One factor that will help you decide how to move a piano across town is the cost to transport it. This cost can vary greatly depending on how far you have to go. If you need the piano to be delivered to another town, there may be additional costs. However, if you want the move to occur quickly and without much difficulty, then you should be willing to pay the extra fee. In many cases, you will find that companies will provide you with a free estimate prior to the actual move.

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It is also important to purchase all of the necessary equipment when considering how to move a piano. For instance, pianos are often fitted with padded benches that are known as dollies. The dollies will help to protect your instrument from damage, which is especially critical if you have expensive musical instruments. Other accessories, such as padded covers and wooden holders, are necessary in order to properly store your piano.